Overrun is an arcade shooter that tasks the player with being both quick and careful!

Health is no worry for you, but beware. Any hit taken detracts from the countdown, and when zero hits, things get even more difficult. Keep the robot numbers down for as long as you can!



Move - WASD

Aim - Mouse

Fire - Left Mouse Click

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  • Kwis
    Lv. 67
    • Avoid big block of texts for how-to-plays. We need simple and quick-to-read informations. You can give more in-depth explainations, but not in the middle of showing the controls. Segment to "press this and this for that" and "this and this is that because this". People aren't keen on reading big blocks of texts, especially in game jams. You can if the game is expected to have lots of reading, or maybe in later moments in the game. not as an introduction to the game mechanics. This should be as simple as possible for the player to intuitively play his own way.

    What happened for me: Got in the how to play, saw the text, thought "heh, screw it i'll just figure out while playing." then I proceeded being confused by the stuff ("what is overrun?") so I had to go through the how-to-play a bit reluctantly. :p

    • The noise you make when moving is kind of annoying. make it have a different pitch each time
    • Similarily, the shooting sound is getting you. Especially because you'll be constantly shooting, so it is the sound you will hear the most! You need a more "pleasant" sound for a sound you're going to hear a LOT.
    • Spawning sounds as well. Actually, I guess it's sounds in general :p

    That said, the game felt kinda nice and wasn't badly executed!

  • Jupiter Hadley
    Lv. 13

    Neat game. I included it in my GM48: Countdown compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)

  • Tero Hannula

    Nice idea and neat grapichs, but as said before too loud sounds.

    Well I felt I could not control robots at all, got overrun pretty quickly, and the robots mostly kept walking against outer walls next to their spawn, until I got in vision of them. So When I was cleaning one spawn, other spawn would just have bots running against walls. The gunfire spread bit too much.

  • Fachewachewa

    The overrun mechanic was a nice idea for a top down shooter.

    Like Veralos said, the camera could be improved, and I found the sound very loud and aggressive, especially the spawning.

    The gameplay indeed felt good, but there's some kind of problem with the spawning groups because they quickly run towards the walls and don't do anything else except when you get very close, which is dangerous because they're so spread yet all in the same area that you get shot from everywhere and can't really avoid anything.



  • Veralos
    Lv. 38

    This game has pretty cool ideas. I like the concept of losing based on how many enemies are around rather than via health bar. It gives a good incentive to fight enemies plus it has a built in way to "heal" your "damage". Losing time when you get is interesting too but it was kind of hard to feel the impact of it. I think there needs to be more feedback - maybe something flashes "-10 seconds!" when you get hit. It could also be neat to have more permanent effects e.g. decrease the maximum time instead

    Cool ideas aside, the base gameplay feels pretty solid. It gets a bit repetitive though. The view only moving when at the edges makes it hard to combat enemies who are far away. The visuals look pretty nice with some neat animations for the main character and enemies. Sound are okay, but the main gun sound is a bit loud and monotonous considering you have to hear it constantly.

    My score was 24070.

    • RedSeries
      Lv. 3

      Thanks for giving my game a play!

      I am glad you thought it had some cool ideas to it! I honestly never thought of killing enemies as a form of healing your health, but it definitely is now that you mention it. Feedback like this helps open my eyes to things I included, but never thought of in some ways, and I really appreciate it! In game feedback, both audio and visual was something I realized fell a little flat once the deadline hit, so going forward I am going to make sure and devote a bit more time to get those things right.


  • Luke No Further
    Lv. 14

    I enjoyed this game - I liked how smooth and responsive the controls were and the impending sense of getting overrun.

    I really appreciated how the theme of countdown and the mechanics of the game were intertwined in a way that wasn't just about slapping a countdown timer on a task - that it wasn't just 'Game Over' when the timer ran out, but it gave you consequences that you could manage if you were skilled enough.

    I liked the risk/reward of trying to get in close to a bunch of spawning enemies and blasting as many as I can before they disperse - but it made me vulnerable to them ALL shooting me and not being able to dodge.

    I want to see different enemy types! Some big and slow and fast and small or that encircle you instead of heading towards you. I want to see different weapons! A laser beam cannon you can sweep across enemies, a shotgun you have to get close to them to blast them, a beam sword with a dash attack! This game is a great start and has some sweet potential - nice work dude.

    • RedSeries
      Lv. 3

      Thanks for giving my game a play! I am glad you enjoyed it!

      I plan on revisiting this game in the future and expanding/polishing/finishing it out to hopefully include a lot of those suggestions!