Exploration of space drove humanity to colonize other planets and for centuries humanity thrived. Then was the first contact, 400 years ago... Peace lasted for 27 years until it was found out that the aliens had found ample supply of material called Calcae-10 that was needed to create effective fusion generators. For the aliens it was a sacred mineral while humanity had run out of their own supply. This caused the humanity to wage war for the rare commodity. While the initial assault was successful the ensuing war has now continued till this day. Now, humanity is losing the long war. On the last planet, as a last resort, humanity has started a project to go beyond known space to escape the wrath of the aliens. Humanity will endure!

  • Left mouse: Select and build towers.
  • Right mouse: Deselect current selection. Move view.
  • Arrow keys: Move view.
  • Enter: Toggle fullscreen on or off.
  • ESC: Immediately quit the game.
  • R: Restart room.
  • You need to put two towers to form beam between them.
  • You can't put towers in between the beams.
  • Only BOOST towers (Chief and Whip) can beam through the other turrets.
  • You can't sell towers.
  • Creator - @theismolaitela
  • Musician - DJJusbi
  • Additional help - Malkavian
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