W/up S/down enter to control the main menu. WASD and mouse controls. click to fire a pillow. ammo is limited, so run over the pillows to pick them back up. or don't. you're faster with fewer pillows burdening you down.

you wake up to see your house infested with creatures. as the hordes grow in number you will eventually be overwhelmed and die. or wait... no you don't. you wake up to see your house infested with creatures.

A lot of temp assets were used from the kenny art packs over at itch. I watched a lot of sean spaulding tutorials while making this and read up guides on code online, so a chunk of the code was not made by me. and of course the amazing animation_end script by the amazing Jon Peterson and Minty Python.

for anyone interested in the file I have the git open to the public to download. it's quite buggy and a lot of stuff initially planned to go into it (extra enemies, sound effects and music, a few animations that were commented out due to being too buggy for the time frame) so feel free to take it and improve it.


I do not own the art. it was all free asssets in the kenny bundle or drawn by Rainhet over the course of the last day.

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  • Tero Hannula

    These jams are good time to try and learn something new, it is always good to try :) The beginning intro looked fine, and I liked the idea. Next time try something bit simpler, when you came up with idea, try think what needs to be done to consider game finished and playable, and how you can cramp it in 48 hours. Anything super massive cannot be done.



  • gary butler
    Lv. 6

    I always think my game works well until someone else plays it. Have someone else try it before your release.

    Honestly this is better looking and playing than several of my old gm48 games. And I wouldn't be surprised if you wind up outranking me this time too lol.

    One tip that has helped me in the past with learning Gamemaker. Open up Gamemaker and write 10 minutes of code every single day. 10 minutes a day is all it takes, cross off each day on a calendar. Every new line of code, every 'X' on the calendar is a victory. Then for your next gm48 you can use only what you know. It saves a ton of time not looking at tutorials and debugging things that are ultimately wastes of time.

  • Fachewachewa

    Yeah.. this is really unstable :(

    Also check out the rule (https://gm48.net/rules), I think you'll be DQ'd because free assets aren't allowed if they're not from the marketplace or derivative work :/

  • abso1ution
    Lv. 7

    Nice theme and art. I found a broken strategy where if you stand in the corner with a couple of pillows around you never lose.

  • Loates
    Lv. 10

    Alright, firstly, credit to Rain for the art he did, the art overall looks really good and suits the idea of waking up in the middle of night. However, I hate to say that the stability of this game is really bad.

    Firstly, If I shoot a pillow that is on the ground, the game crashes because the hit points for the pillow wasn't defined. Secondly, pillows on the ground can kill enemies if they just walk into them. Also, in my opinion the player shouldn't be allowed to walk outside the screen.

    As for design decisions, it is pretty unclear when the enemies are attacking you until you die, the first 4 hits just look like the enemies are rolling over you and missing you, it's also impossible to tell your health and how close you are to death. Also, really quickly enemies flood the screen to the point of impossibilty, I had about 50 enemies spawn at once all of a sudden. Showing the difficulty curve to be broken.

    However, in terms of innovation, it seems to be a decently unique idea that none of the other games have done, but it doesn't feel much like it's following the theme of 'no death state'. Especially because there technically is a death state, when you die, the game just restarts.

    It's a shame that there was no sound or music, as I felt that could've really allowed the game to create an atmosphere and I see it as a lot of wasted potential

    Overall, I think this game could've turned out much better, but it was poorly executed, which is a shame.

    • Amet
      Lv. 1

      a lot of the problems are up to just not enough time, but I won't want for what I should have budgeted for. the pillow bug is actually because I forgot to take the pillow out of the parent the enemies were in, and a few lines of code could have fixed up most of the other problems. as for the missing sounds and reactions. they're all actually in the project, I just never got the time to add them to the final game. if you poke around the repo you may notice there's a lot in there that just never made it in the final project. maybe if I do a polishing up in the future.

      the enemy spawning I have no idea, sometimes when I play I get swarmed, others the enemies are kind enough to spawn at a respectful distance and I'm fine, though it's good I put a hard cap at 10 because clearly the numbers I thought worked clearly weren't tuned properly.