• Movement: W, A, S and D
  • Look: Mouse
  • Attack: Left click
  • Parry / Defend: Right click
  • Dash: Space bar


You can not die. If you lose all of your healthbars, Brutus will gain one of his healthbars back - but you can always get up and fight!

Most of the time, you can not damage Brutus by attacking him. Look for an opening! After he does a charged ranged attack (blue bullet), he will be open for attack for a couple of seconds.

If you're fast enough, you can parry all of Brutus' attacks. If you manage to parry his ranged attack, you will bounce it back at him. If you manage to parry his sword slashes, he will be staggered for a split second, allowing you to land a few attacks on him.

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  • Tero Hannula

    The gameplay wasn't that good, but surely it looked nice and music was good :) This seemed that it could be really enjoyable short game if it's finished and polished. I liked the animations ^^



  • Jonordona
    Lv. 2

    Hey, I really enjoyed the music. The gameplay was really challenging while using the sword, but parrying bullets just seemed to be a lot easier for me.

    The concept of persistence is also very interestingly developed.

  • Mohamed_DKD
    Lv. 2

    good game, but has flaws! the dodge felt too hard to do (and almost impossible for the sword attack). Also, it is confusing that after dodge you hold the sword forward position, which is practically useless [unless I am mistaken!], since you are neither dodging nor attacking. Also the feet moved in a weird way and it is better to make the feet follow the player torso rather than the WASD. But on the positive side, I loved the fact that you have 2 lives and he has 3, while you have one weapon and he has 2, which both showed your insignificance in comparison to Brutus (although I never knew who the player is suppose to be!)

    Extra things (these might or might not be viable options in a game jam, so consider them as suggestions rather than a black or white statements): The music was nice, but it wasn't in the mood (this was a life and death situation, while the music felt like I am driving my car near the beach). Also, the music was short, so the loop after few minutes of game-play gets kinda boring. Secondly, The game needs a story! this is a one level boss fight, so add a home screen with a back story, even something as simple as "He is huge and unbeatable, but you must save your town from destruction!" or "you found yourself in the ring with Brutus! no time to whine! grab your sword and fight!"

  • baku

    Cool! I always enjoy seeing boss-fight games.

    I didn't realise I could parry his melee attacks (only found out when reading the description - after playing the game, oops), so during the phase where he runs at you, I'd just try to kite him around until I'd eventually get hit. It took a while, but I finally beat him in the end lol

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Avatar

    4yrs ago

    I found your game a little bit confusing on how to defeat your boss character, it needs a bit better telegraphing of attacks, so you can see when you can attack and when you can run. The ranged attack of the boss when your in close you cant tell if its shooting your on not. I get what your trying to do but it needs a bit more polish and the game I found is really hard due to the interface elements.

    I liked the the graphics and the sound, the movement and skills animations are very fluid too, well done.

    • Batboy
      Lv. 7
      Batboy Developer of Persistence

      4yrs ago

      Hey, thanks for playing! Yeah, sadly, we just didn't have enough time to implement everything and finish in time, so this is where we decided to stop. Easter and family time kinda got in the way a bit this time around. I have gone on to finish it (with sound effects, better telegraphing, more particle effects, etc) the day after the jam ended. Oh well. Anyway, again, thanks for playing and for the kind words! Hopefully next time we will do better!