1) Please download the project file to play. The Mac and Windows files are just more .yyz files. I’m working on a Mac and have never exported anything before, so in a rush to meet the submission deadline I just uploaded what I had to the Mac, Windows, and Project locations. Sorry for the inconvenience!

2) I forgot to take out the code that restarts the game when you press ‘R’, so unfortunately you’ll have to try and avoid pressing that key, or go into the project and remove the key press R event from obj_game.

Thanks for reading 😁


While on a recon mission in another dimension, your ship comes under fire! But forced evolution is on your side... once your HP reaches zero, your ship will undergo forced evolution, altering your play style as it changes.

Hey! My name is Ray, but I'm on social media as SourCandy Games 😁 If you'd like to see any more of my work you can find me on Twitter, Instagram, etc, you know the whole bit 👾

This is my first time participating in a game jam, and also the first game I've -sort of- finished! I would've liked to include at least one more form change, but I'm glad that I at least had time to snuff out all the game breaking bugs I could find. There are lots of things I had more ideas for, but this was a great experience in time management and meeting deadlines 😬

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  • Tero Hannula

    Previous ones said what I was going to say ^^" But congratulations of your first jam game! These jams are good time to try and learn something new. Next time when you participate, try to think what are the core features, which makes game playable and gives game the feeling that it gave something to player. Maybe game was funny, or enjoyable, or it gave experience, new thoughts, or just silly humor. What is the minimal viable product, what needs to be done to carry what you want to give to the player. 48 hours isn't much if you are going to sleep and do other stuff ^^



  • Mohamed_DKD
    Lv. 2

    Hi Ray, first of all congratulations on finishing your first game jam, your game is way better than my first jam game, so well done ^^. Now moving to the negatives, the game is too short (it is infinite, but it just loop between the same enemy and there is only two layouts for the ships). Also, the second form felt too slow, both in terms of movement and weapon recharge speed. I would if preferred if you just used the mouse for pointing and kept both WASD and arrow keys for movement. The music wasn't great but i did like the sound effect. Final verdict: "as your first game jam game, this is an awesome game, but in general you still has loooong way to go ^^" tip: try to polish the game and make it the way you hoped it should be, so you have a feel about how many hours you need to put into a game to make it reach a certain stage of quality/polish

  • Allison James

    Is there an executable Windows version of the game available? The Windows download just contains a .yyz.



    • Ray
      Lv. 1

      No unfortunately there isn’t, actually, I’m sorry about that! I think you’ll have to download the project file if you still want to play it. I’ve never exported anything before and in a rush to meet the deadline I panicked and just uploaded the .yyz to all the locations that I thought seemed relevant 😬 I’ve made a note of this in the game’s description, so hopefully other people will see it before trying to download anything. Thank you for your feedback! 🙂