the linux version actually is the windows versrion! (since i've uploaded the wrong file)
Ben & Jeffrey - Clones

Arrows - Move the character

Space - Record movements and in the next turn the clone will do your path

Ben & Jeffrey
Basic concepts
  • To defend, while you are recording or one clone is walking, you leave a track behind for a moment, any clone that touches that track will die.

  • Each turn you return in the past, every recorded movement it will be done again by your "clone" version.

  • Every time that you kill a clone you increase your base for the next turn, what will allow you do more attack/defense.

  • The main goal is destroy 3 walls on the back of each field touching it with the clone and at the same time defend your against the enemy attacks.

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  • Veralos
    Lv. 38

    This seems like an interesting idea but I can't seem to wrap my head around it. Maybe it would be easier to understand if I actually had someone else to play against. As it is, I'm still intrigued by the concept. I've seen a bunch of games where you record your actions but using in a multiplayer setting is a clever twist. The visual is pretty minimal but also quite effective if you ask me.

  • Kwis
    Lv. 67

    The idea is not uninteresting , but there isn't much to it

  • SirTotallyAverage
    Lv. 15

    Interesting idea. Took me a while to understand the mechanics. A simple tutorial prompt where it tells you what to do would have fixed that though. Having to time your motions to both defend and attack is a really cool mechanic. Like others have said, wish it had sound and particles. Also a bit more level variety with maybe different stages and obstacles and such would be good too.

    Just a note, but I kept thinking in my mind that it would be a really cool if instead of just destroying walls it was a capture-the-flag sort of deal, where you not only have to get your pawn across, but back to your side as well.

    Lv. 36

    I played this with my brother and we had so much fun!

    There is a wide opportunity of different stradegies. You have to be aware of both time and "record ammo", attacking and defending. No tactic is OP because you need to be unpredictable as possible but at the same time not being tricked by your opponent. The way you show whose turn it is is very clear and I like that the timer don't start until you move.

    But apart from the very good gameplay is there nothing really interesting. You could put a little bit more effort in the drawings, some soudeffects and a story to rise your ratings.



  • Joseph
    Lv. 4

    The functionality of the game is really hard for me to wrap my head around. I figured out how to record and moved around many different ways, but I couldn't figure out how to score or what difference those recordings were making. You should consider making a video tutorial and link to it in your description, because the information under "basic concepts" still doesn't really help me understand how to play.

    There's probably a cool game idea in here, but in it's current state I can't figure out how to play.



    • Quirosmar
      Lv. 1
      Quirosmar Coder of Ben & Jeffrey

      6yrs ago

      Hey joseph, thanks for the feedback!

      Yeah, we noticed that, it's really hard to figure out the controls and how the game works, probably i'll do a video when i've some free time or even try to add the multiplayer mode that will make the game more interesting...

      Basically you need to make your "copies" touch the walls on the back of the cenary with the copy... So basically you do the movement with your main charter, then in the next turn your copy will do your previous movement, if the other player don't defend against it you make the score! Like in the image bellow:

  • Fachewachewa


    You uploaded the shortcut, not the game :/

    Alright, played it! (on my own :'()
    It's a really cool idea! Maybe I don't fully understand it, but the way the clones are created seemed inconsistent? Or maybe that's because I stepped on my own clones, not really sur, there's a lot going on :D (and sometimes stuff seem to pop in the top left corner) Anyway I'm curious to see how it plays in real multiplayer.

    Other that that, I like the simple design, but it definitely lacks some sound or particles to make everything more alive.