The game is mainly targeted for mobile platforms. Preferred to play in Android phone but even a PC build was was uploaded so go give it a try.

Game was highly inspired from Downwell, Jetpack Joyrider, Last Man Sitting and few others.

Note: The game was not developed in 2 days. It took around a week, the idea was roaming around in my mind for months. Sorry I am breaking the rule of game jam, but please play it once, I am here for constructive feedback, nothing more.

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  • Kwis
    Lv. 67

    I like how it kind of feels but hem... yeah... as you said, if it was made in more than 48 hours it's really not supposed to be here... Wanting feedback is a thing but if it's not an actual entry it's rather... yeah...

  • Joseph
    Lv. 4

    It's a shame you won't get to place in the gamejam, but I'll try to give you some constructive feedback.

    First+Second Level:

    It feels mostly alright to introduce the mechanics, though it's not immediately obvious you are supposed to shoot downwards to gain velocity. The second level is really good because it shows you how to stay in the air which sets you up for level three.

    Third Level:

    I know it seems like a small thing, but the red trails in front of the blocks that come from the sides is a really good touch, it helps me see them coming in time to avoid them. Most people would have just made them appear instantly from the walls, and it would have been miserable to dodge them. The spikes are not as easy to see coming though. Some sound effects when the spikes go up and down and a visual queue would really help here.

    Right now something is definitely advice is to try lots of ideas and expand and emphasize the ones that feel most fun. I'm out of room but I hope this helps.



    • akhilnivarthi
      Lv. 1
      akhilnivarthi Designer of Gravity Shooter

      5yrs ago

      Thanks a lot. Yup I totally agree with shooting down was not obvious, and also spikes appearing feedback is pretty bad. I know the controls are hard for players, and even I am experimenting and trying to find what part of the game feels most fun. Thanks a lot again. Hopefully I'll continue to prototype more ideas.

  • cileth
    Lv. 2

    I think the theme was achieved pretty well. The gun has a few good uses, breaking blocks, movement, killing enemies etc. I like the minimal art style. I was having some issues playing on windows, mouse going off of the game screen when trying to shoot away from the edge and it would tab out. I think there may be an option to lock the mouse within the game window in gamemaker?

    There seemed to be some inconsistency with the velocity shooting gives you. There is like a sweet spot that bumps you up higher, otherwise the velocity increase is pretty low. Maybe it's different on mobile?

    I think adding some sound effects and music would give the game more immersion. Anyways, overall a pretty good jam game, cheers!

    • akhilnivarthi
      Lv. 1
      akhilnivarthi Designer of Gravity Shooter

      5yrs ago

      Thanks a lot cileth. Yup, that cursor going out of screen irritates a lot (by the way you can change to full screen by pressing escape). And more over in mobile I added a analog to solve this problem. Regarding the velocity that sudden bump is kind of weird because there is no feedback that tells you when that will happen, I want the velocity to increase slowly but when you are falling down I want a sudden bump to stop you for a second, something like downwell. Thank you for the feedback.