Using an anti-gravity tool, help a lemming-like character navigate a series of mazes, full of traps and dangers, and reach the exit.

Use the tool to jump over obstacles, move boxes on to switches to open doors, push enemies out of harms way, or in to spikes to kill them, and deflect bombs from the hero's path!

Controls: Left mouse to place a short-lived anti-gravity field, which will push any nearby objects. The closer the field is to objects, the further they will be thrown. An indicator arrow will appear on objects close enough to show you how strong the push will be.

The main character can change direction if he is pushed hard enough in the opposite direction. Use this to help guide him to your destination.

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  • Jupiter Hadley
    Lv. 13

    Very nice idea! I included it in my GM48: One Tool, Many Uses compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)

  • SirTotallyAverage
    Lv. 15

    Great idea. Love splitting the player's attention between babysitting this character and trying to move other obstacles / enemies out of his way. Sound was good, ran great, and all the art fit well.

    Only note is that the levels seemed pretty easy. You can bypass almost everything in the second level if you get the box on the switch fast enough, and in the third level it is simply a few spots to click and boom! You're done.

    Also, the interactive tutorial on the main page was great / brilliant! Bravo.

    • Neller
      Lv. 2

      Thanks for trying it out and thanks for the feedback! I do agree that the levels could use some work, they're another aspect I think would be good to spend a bit more time on - introducing more puzzles and mechanics and the like - if i were to refine the game after the jam.


  • Kwis
    Lv. 67

    Why no thumbnail nor description?

    Very lemmingesque! The last level was kind of hard :o

    • Neller
      Lv. 2

      Hi! Thanks so much for the feedback.

      A few people have noted the lack of a thumbnail/description, I didn't factor in any time to create those during the jam, and didn't realise that i could update them after submitting, so I'm hoping to find some time to update those for the last week of voting. Definitely learned for next time to dedicate some time towards presentation!

  • Fachewachewa

    This is so good! I didn't expect that from a game without any description or titlecard :D

    I really like the way you made the tutorial in the main menu too, and this is a neat idea of a mechanic for the theme. It's just long enough too, more levels would have been nice but you'd need more mechanics & stuff too. Anyway, apart from the music loop which is too short, the game is overall very good.

    Last little complaint : it can be a little hard to get a box on a switch, especially in the level where the switch is in a little area.

    • Neller
      Lv. 2

      Thanks for the feedback! The music was definitely my weakest point, I have little experience in that area so it's something i'll have to work on!

      Being my first game jam, I also didn't factor in time i'd need to make promotional material like thumbnails/gifs etc, and didn't realise I could update those post-submission, so I'm trying to find some time to get a description and thumbnail updated for the last week of the voting.

      Thanks for trying this out again!

  • Zurui
    Lv. 6

    Really enjoyed this one! Simple yet effective! At first I had trouble figuring out how everything worked and wished I could control the character instead of him just walking around, but then that would have taken away from the puzzle/speed element of the game. Good work!

    Hook Line

    Hook Line

    • Neller
      Lv. 2

      Hi! Thanks for your feedback, i'm glad you enjoyed it. Coupled with the other feedback below I think i do need to work a little bit on explaining game mechanics more, and maybe practice putting together more in depth tutorials/instructions in my games.

      Thanks again!

  • Joseph
    Lv. 4

    Simple but polished and effective! It also controls well and plays intuitively, and fits the theme well. The only problem I had with the control of the game was that the direction the character faces after launching him with anti-gravity seems kind of random.

    I don't have much to say to improve on except improving the art a bit, adding some more levels and adding some more ways to use the tool, but the ones that were there were fun to play. Also a description, icon, and banner would help your game get some exposure, I think. Very well done!


    No problem, it was fun. Also I don't think it's too late to add an icon/banner or modify the description, right? Or have I totally misunderstood that part? I think you just can't change the game itself after the submission period.



    • Neller
      Lv. 2

      Hi, Thanks for the feedback!

      The direction of the character was intentional, he has a speed threshold where if you push him just a little bit, he maintains his direction, but if you push him hard enough he will turn around (so you can guide him a bit). I neglected to put any sort of explanation of that in the game though, nor did give any sort of indication as to how hard you need to push him to turn him around, so that's something I need to remember for next time, thanks!

      I definitely didn't think about promotional material, and didn't realise until too late that I wouldn't have any icons/banners to advertise with. I think that's been my biggest take-away from this.

      Again thanks for checking it out!

      Edit: After contacting the admin it turns out you were correct - you can update the promotional images and description after the deadline, so I will look at updating that this weekend. Thanks!