Pixel Fray
Pixel Fray

How far can you get? Share your hi-score!

In Pixel Fray, you have to click and destroy pixels that are coming towards you, while they keep getting smaller. You can buy upgrades like zoom, coin multipliers and bombs to help you get the best score!

  • Left Mouse Button to destroy

  • Right Mouse Button to zoom (after buying)

  • Space to drop bomb (after buying)

  • Press CTRL + Shift + E to delete your save info and start all over again.

  • The pixels keep getting smaller & harder to click on, but you get more coins from the small ones!

  • Destroy multiple pixels consecutively to earn a combo that gets you MORE coins!

  • Automatically saves your data, so you can close the game & come back to pixel-crushing some time later!

Made in 1 day

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  • Jupiter Hadley
    Lv. 13

    Simple, well made game! I included it in my GM48: One Tool, Many Uses compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :) https://youtu.be/le9JcWgAZag

  • Veralos
    Lv. 38

    Cool game! It's a simple concept but still fun due to juicy effects and an addictive upgrade system. I like how the screen zooms out over time. It's a clean way of increasing the difficulty. The combo mechanic is satisfying, especially the towers of coins that appear.The graphics and audio are as minimal as the concept, but also just as effective. I particularly like the way health is shown.

    There are some flaws: I have no idea how it relates the theme and the upgrades could use work. They should be done during the game over screen so you don't have get them while pixels attack. The bomb becomes overpowered over time and the zoom is fairly useless. I'm not even sure if increased zoom is an upgrade. It would be cool if the zoom slowed down time and each upgrade increased how slow time goes.

  • Fachewachewa

    Okay so this was really fun. Really hard at first but the upgrades were good enough to keep me playing for a while.

    Of course it could have been way more polished on the graphical and audio side, but one thing that would have helped a lot I think is a custom sprite for the cursor. Having the default arrow was kinda distracting.

  • Kwis
    Lv. 67

    Does it matter if they're small when you can spam the bomb like a machine gun and blast the whole screen fast enough to make the game go 1 fps though? :p

    I like upgrade games! There is that. It was kinda fun, although the challenge completely disappears once you've upgraded the bomb to oblivion.

    (no point telling my high score... the highest high score is to the patient ones.. I'm not lol)

    One annoying thing: the targets following a grid is a nuisance. Sometimes they're avoiding your clicks like this and sometimes they glitch out, spasming left and right (from a square to another) at the speed of light.

    Lv. 36

    My high score is 844 and in the end, I got $2492171. I spent as much as I needed to upgrade the bombs until I could spam them in the middle of the screen and destroy everything. It was very fun until that moment.

    I found a virsual bug: If you zoom, the bomb loading circle don't follow your mouse any longer.

    I kind of like the daank memes mode but I think it should be more crazy. That's just my opinion.



  • Joseph
    Lv. 4

    Dang man, good job, this is fun. I played a lot longer than I thought I would. I love that you can buy things which persist through future playthroughs, it adds a ton of replayability. But really I think it's the combo system that makes it all come together. I wish there was a shortcut to open the shop though.

    If this had some music, some more interesting art, and fit the theme a bit better (the tool is...your mouse?) I'd say it would be one of the contenders for first place. It's definitely the most fun game I've played in the jam so far. You should make it into a finished game, I'd love to play it.

    Highscore: 67 (dank memes unlocked)

    P.S. What's your highscore, if you don't mind sharing?



    • matharoo
      Lv. 5

      Thanks Joseph!

      Unfortunately, I don't remember my highscore, and I can't open and see it now because I always delete my save files (to make sure everything is working correctly from the start when I add a new feature).