You go to the abandoned dungeon to defeat King Chaos. You just have your wand, to attack and take some objects to defeat enemy.


  • Spell Attack only defeat ghosts and wizards. Zombies defeat with objects that you pick with spell.
  • There are some secret rooms for some levels.
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  • Kwis
    Lv. 67

    Game doesn't feel very polished; the enemies chase you a bit too fast (they're faster than you) so you can die very easily if you can't find a rock to crush them (since weapons are not as effective) Also got a few rocks stock in passage ways

  • Veralos
    Lv. 38

    The core mechanics are really nice and they are used in some neat ways. You can use magic to move a rock out of your way, then crush an enemy with the rock, then use the rock to hold down a button. It fits the theme quite nicely.

    I also like how different enemies can be hurt by different attacks - it keeps you active by making you switch strategies. I would've like the magic shot thing to have some more utility, though.

    Unfortunately, the execution is a little dodgy in some areas. It can be easy to get the player and rocks briefly stuck. It's nothing game breaking but it can be frustrating. There are also some level design issues. I got stuck on level 2 because one of the rooms didn't have another red rock. I also dislike how the game restarts when you die.

    Other than that, the presentation is fairly solid. The colours are a bit bland (lots of grey) but it is clear what everything is and they give the game some life. It seems you didn't make the audio, but what was there was well chosen.

    • Simplemaker17
      Lv. 4
      Simplemaker17 Developer of Wizard's Levioza

      5yrs ago

      Thank you for feedback.

      • It looks pretty easy, so I don't add checkpoint system.
      • Actually I hide other rocks in Level 2. It's secret. You just find the path by checking some walls.
      • Because bricks mostly grey in Middle Age.
      • Lack music skill, I add those credits.
  • Joseph
    Lv. 4

    As Fachewachewa mentioned, there's no checkpoints. I made it to the second level but got stuck trying to progress and then burned to death in a fire trying to figure out what to do with the blue rock. I think I had to use the red rock on the correct red gate to progress, but I picked the wrong one and got stuck. And since it meant restarting from the beginning, I gave up too.

    I liked the idea of levitating things and using them as weapons though. The arrows were useless, but the rocks were good. I actually like that your range is higher while actively levitating things than to start levitating things, but a light visual indication of the range of where you can move the object while levitating it would be good, and not automatically cancelling it if you reach that range (just locking it in the max range instead).

    Overall, it's a good effort! You should consider taking the feedback from the jam, fixing things up a little bit, and then making a refined version after the jam is over, to learn new things.



  • Fachewachewa

    Pretty rough game. The movement & collision needed a little more work, I got stuck on walls so much. Also no visual effect or sound when you get hit + no checkpoint made me gave up :(

    The idea was executed well, I just would have liked a little more range to be able to grab things (since the movement wasn't that good). It's also kinda weird to have more range when you already control an object.

    Overall, I think the biggest problem is that the game feels really slow.

    Oh and I don't think you're supposed to use existing assets (music in this case)