Decay Before Glory

Humans are proud creators. Towering architectural marvels, passionate music that invigorates the soul, whispered sonnets betwixt lovers in the night. We are mighty in our efforts. Yet this game, nay, this artwork talks a language that is not merely spoken. It is felt. Like the smooth marble of Michelangelo's David's pale bottom, this game can only be truly understood by kissing it gently.

  • Climb the trees and talk about it with squirrels.

  • Eat this game and consume its wisdom (contains 83% of your daily vitamin B12).

  • Play it before you wake up every morning.

After this game, you will feel no sorrow. Your longing will be a fiction: a lost memory of childhood mundanity, the lingering smell of bacon, a plastic shopping bag in a cool Autumn breeze. It IS only when we're unburdened by the fear of glory that we can achieve it.

"One has never truly lived until the genius of this game has been experienced." - @bakufreak

"I am no longer afraid of glory" - @jujuadams

"A true artistic work of the highest standard!" - @Sidorakh

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"I thought I was going to make america great again, but after playing this game I realized that there can't be anything greater in this world" - @realDonaldTrump

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