Descent down the mining shaft...


Dangerous mountain full of valuable gems. Your job is to go down there and mine as many as you can carry! Beware, because you are not alone and the mountain feels quite unstable...

  • DO NOT MINIMIZE THIS GAME. It will only cause unwanted features, like errors, crashing and inability to progress.
  • Your score won't be saved until you've triggered eruption and successfully escaped the mountain.
  • At the intro sequence when game asks who you are, you are expected to type your name. Do NOT hit SPACE or ENTER until you've finished writing your name.
  • If you managed to accidentally hit continue before finishing your name, you can always manually locate "opt.ini" from C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Local\DwellerOfTheDepths and change it from there.
  • Game automatically limits your name length to 12 characters, but if you decide to manually add it to .ini, please make sure it's maximum size is 12 characters. Otherwise your highscore won't be saved.
  • Patience is the key. Watch carefully where shadows are hiding and look out falling rocks!
  • When mountain erupts, make sure you have an escape route ready!
  • WASD or ARROWS to move
  • LEFT MOUSE to dig
  • R to instantly restart
  • ESC to instantly quit

Created by @TheIsmoLaitela

Music by DJJusbi

This game was created as part of the 20th GM48 gamejam!

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