NOTE: In my haste to make the deadline, I uploaded an installer version. Please don't install this just to play it. That's weird. Instead, download a single-run executable version from here.

A bug destroyed this whole game right in the last few hours unfortunately. I didn't want the super impressive assets created by BaconBoy and Mayor of Donutville to go to waste, so I tried to scrap together a tiny demo in the last 30 minutes.

You use the mouse to aim the camera, right-click to ready the camera, and left-click to snap a photo. You can also use the A and D keys to pan more easily.

If you're using a controller, use the left stick to operate the camera, the A button to ready the camera, and the right trigger to shoot. I like that method the most, it feels like an actual camera.

Debug mode was left on. You can spawn a random create using the numpad numbers 1-4, each representing a different piece of background. However, the code determining where they were allowed to hop by checking for a solid background at their next planned hop was one of the things lost in whatever huge bug took place, so the animals will kind of hop around randomly.

Some systems were also ripped out that affected the camera's accuracy in detecting what's in the frame apparently, as some of the animals don't count in the photo. All I can say is that it was working perfectly earlier, but in the rush to even get it running again near the end, some changes must have altered it. The scoring system for the photos originally worked like this. You would receive full points for the animal in the photo if:

  • there were no obstructions covering the animal
  • the animal isn't very far away from the camera
  • the photo follows the Rule of Thirds

If you want to see footage of it working correctly, check out this gif I posted during development.

I'm really disappointed, because when it worked, it felt really great to play. But that's the way of the game jam. I'll go ahead and fix up a nicer version of this and post it here and in the subreddit when it's finished.

Thanks for check it out,

~ Vinnie_V

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