Creator of several indie smash-hits, such as

  • deleteme.sln
  • Luigi's Mansion 2D
  • TI-83 Missle Command

Critics have raved

"The one area where this game failed miserably was the theme..."

~ 6Leinad6

"I couldn't get it to start either."

~ tBizz1e

"You may just be slow, or have bad rhythm?"

~ regniwekim

"Dopo un po’ la carenza di varietà, e il susseguirsi sempre uguale dell’azione, rende il tutto un po’ monotono."

~ Nice Italian Man

It's Vinnie_V.

I'm probably streaming live on Twitch.

Check it out here. My partner/cohort/artist is also probably streaming on Twitch as well.

You can see progress gifs on my Twitter.

If you want a more curated update feed on our games, check out either my Twitter, or Kahlief's Twitter. Both will have screenshots and animations posted to them throughout the competition.

This will be a place to showcase all of your awesome achievements

Coming soon