DISCLAIMER: Alright, I'll admit, I aimed waaaaaay too big this time. But I had fun!

What makes us happy

What makes us happy is (or was going to be) a peaceful survival game set on a small procedurally generated island, with the ultimate goal of building a raft and gathering enough supplies to get off of the island. Surprisingly enough, I managed to get decently far with the idea.

  • The island is fully procedurally generated, and will be different every time you play the game.
  • Collecting resources
  • Crafting items
  • Planting trees
  • Chopping trees down
  • A day/night cycle
  • WASD or arrows - move
  • E or Enter - pick up items
  • TAB or I - toggle inventory
  • Space - use equipped item
What to do and how to do it

Find at least one stone and one branch. You can craft an axe by combining the two in your inventory. To do that, open your inventory and highlight the stone and the branch by clicking each item. A button will appear in the bottom left corner of the inventory screen ("Craft Axe"). Click this button to get your first axe.

To equip the axe, highlight it in your inventory (only the axe has to be highlighted!). This will cause a button to appear at the top of the inventory screen ("Equip Axe"). Click the button to equip the axe.

Now walk up to a tree and start mashing the space key to swing your axe. This will cause branches to fall out of the tree, and eventually, the tree will collapse and leave some logs that you can pick up. You can't do anything with these :(

What you can do, though, is create some seeds by highlighting a branch in your inventory and clicking "Craft Seeds". You can plant these seeds by dropping them onto grass. To drop an item from your inventory, simply right-click it in the inventory screen. After a few seconds, the seeds will turn into a sapling. Saplings will turn into trees after 1-3 ingame days.

That's pretty much all there is to do, other than enjoying the sights.

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  • baku

    It may be unfinished, but what's here is not bad at all! I like it :D

  • Tero Hannula

    Everybody overscopes sometimes with jams ^^ But you can of course redirect your game mid-jam if you can. It had pleasent look, nothing to hurry about, but of course I was thinking are there monsters lurking at night. I liked character, it was not just standing around but had animation in many different directions.

  • Veralos
    Lv. 38

    For an unfinished game this has a ton of immersive atmospheric details. The chirping of the birds, the way the water shines and ripples when you jump in, the way the shadows move as the day goes on... It's all very well executed and really makes the world feels alive. It's a shame there isn't that much to do right now but this certainly seems very promising.

  • Nyveon

    As you said, you may have overscoped, but I really like where this was going.

    My main feedback, that is not related to features, would have been allowing resizing the window because on a high res monitor the window was super tiny and hard to see.

    What's there is pretty nice and relaxing, would love to see what it's like with more development time, if you continue this, contact me :)

  • Megan
    Lv. 12

    I love the sound effects! I had a chill time.

  • tushfanny
    Lv. 3

    OOOOOOOh! VIdeo gaaame! OOOoooh!


    VIdeo gaaame :O oooh.



  • Sindre Hauge Larsen

    A very beautiful small world! It's obvious a lot of love went into this. It's obviously not finished, but for what it is, it's a nice experience.

  • Alex Fantastico
    Lv. 4

    The ambiance in this game was very pleasing, from the juicy sounds to the gorgeous visuals. The day night cycle added to the experience.

    I was pleasantly surprised when I walked near the water and found that I could swim! I was fully expecting the water to act like a barrier, as in a lot of similar games.

    Unfortunately, the very limited crafting tree cut the experience too short. Even just adding a campfire to make with the logs, and maybe some berries to roast on it, would have brought the experience to a more satisfying end. But I'm sure something like that was planned, and time just ran out.

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    El's World