The royal lineage has long been watchers of the forest shrines.

It is now the princess's time to go and cleanse them...

But what can she do on her own? She will need the help of brave knights and adventures to protect her.

And they need her; in fact, I can hear them calling now....



WASD - move

Left click - basic attack

F - activate shrine, pick up item

E - grant allies divine experience

space - menu action



Cajoled - Head programer

SingleShot - Art

Adrien Dittrick - Music and sound effects



Explore procedurally generated levels

Master all four weapons

Defeat every monster type, including powerful boss monsters


know bugs

the level is a random genration about loading, so sometimes it places the player in an imposible spot. if that happens, just hit escape and restart.


Original soundtrack: Listen to it here

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