Dungeon Of Time

  • Puzzle
  • jeroenN
  • 6 months ago
  • Disqualified



Uploaded the wrong version yesterday... This is the version I wanted to upload: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/0q3qou8cjoseiy0/AADzM8qVSMRkThGLmwIKcMYQa?dl=0

I understand if you want to play the version uploaded to this site. No hard feelings :)


Reset Time: R 
Walking: WASD or arrows 
Interacting: E 
Map: M
Talking: Enter 


You have one minute to complete a puzzle in this dungeon. When the clock hits twelve, the time will reset itself. Can you finish the Dungeon in the time limit?


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  • Kwisarts
    Kwisarts Kwisarts 38
    6 months ago

    Unfortunately, we need to use this version to do the ratings. Obviously has lots of bugs. I am guessing you are trying a minit-like? If so, not a bad idea, but the lighthouse old man from minit didn't feel as much as an hassle than the ghost to be honest. The strength of minit is how fast you can zoom around levels and even a dialogue like the lighthouse old man has kind of some pace to it. Especially because of the sounds!

  • Jupiter Hadley
    Jupiter Hadley Jupiter Hadley 9
    6 months ago

    Interesting game! I included it in my GM48: Countdown compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :) https://youtu.be/FLG_K_tPT2c

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Anonymous
    6 months ago

    Kind of a buggy and not really fun mess. I know I shouldn't be saying such things, but this is really buggy. "Variable 'win' not defined for obj_chest", the speech bubble disappearing mid-talk, stretching the player when you go to the room on the left, and collision bugs. Seriously, this game needs a crap ton of polish to be good. Sorry.

    • jeroenN jeroenN
      jeroenN 2

      I was pretty tired yesterday, I uploaded the wrong version to the site. The version you played didn't have the last two hours of bug fixes.

      Anyway, thanks for the feedback :)

  • Grey M.
    Grey M. Grey M. 2
    6 months ago


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