Space Jail

Space Jail

  • Kushi
  • 2 years ago
  • 42nd

Hey my name is Kushi, please enjoy my first game !


This is a puzzle game, in each level you have to get the player and alien to "red" zones to attain the next level. The game is finishable and shouldn't contain game breaking bug (let's pray).


Look like the cells are open, time for freedom. Escape with the help of prisoners, Alien prisoners !


Space = move forward/stop the green alien.

X=take control of the blue alien.

R=restart the level.

arrows keys = move the player left/right/jump.


The game does not contain any audio, that's the next thing I will learn to create !


I've been getting into coding 3 month ago thanks to Benjamin Anderson's udemy lesson, check him out !

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  • Fachewachewa

    Hey this is really good! Not groundbreaking but really solid, and the way you introduce mechanics and then put them into action is nice.

    (and Benjamin is indeed a really good teacher, I starter GM with his video too on his heartbeast channel :D)

  • Andrew
    Andrew Andrew Level 4

    This was a really good job for your first game!

  • Ardeimon
    Ardeimon Ardeimon Level 11

    Character movement is quite slow. Also, for switching between the human and the blue alien, it might have been good to include some indication somewhere who you're controlling.

    Other than that, it was fun. Too bad the aliens didn't make it. :(

    • Kushi Kushi
      Level 2

      Thanks for the feedback.

      I will keep your advice in mind for my next games ^^.

      as for the aliens, we will save them one day, ... maybe ?

  • Kyon
    Kyon Kyon Level 20

    Fun game!! The dolphin-guy felt a bit slow. But I really liked the concept of this game. In a way it reminded me of Another World. Even though the gameplay is very different.

    • Kushi Kushi
      Level 2

      Thanks for the feedback ! Thanks for the advice, I should have done that, he do feel slow even more in the last part of the game. Will keep that in mind !