Super Paintman

Super Paintman

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Let the Painting Begin

In Super Paintman, you have the ability to change your color to either red, blue, or green. When you change your color, walls, spikes, and bullets of the same color will become solid. Use your color swapping abilities to your advantage, and make it through five tough levels


Use WASD or the arrow keys to move the main character

Press Space to jump

Press space while in the air to double jump

Hold space after double jumping to hover your way back to the ground

When you collect a color swap powerup, press Q or the left mouse button to switch to the color on the left side. Press E or the right mouse button to switch to the color on the right side.


Blue Guy Plenty of Bullets Swapping Color


Art frantically made by Ross Boman Code written, deleted, and written again by Henry Haak Sound effects created by the many objects around Ross Boman's room Music was created with Code Parade's Neural Composer, then cleaned up by Henry Haak, who vaguely resembles a human

Do you want to steal my super great, non-spaghetti code? Feel free to download the project file and take a peek


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