Simon Colour Box

Simon Colour Box

  • Raygun
  • 6 months ago
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Whats is this device? A note written with poor spelling informs you that this is the Simon Colour Box a device designed around the pit falls of the brain designed to trick the careless player. Can you gain the highest score or will this device prove that your brain is no match for tricks and commands? Find out when you play the Simon Colour Box.

//////////////////////////////instructions for reviewers The score to reach to have have had the potential to see everything is 26-30, if you review this game I encourage you to try and achieve a score around there or higher.

if you don't read the note these are the key points to note: Simon is the one to listen too, not Sampson, Simpson, Dio etc. don't press anything if a stranger tells you to do something. do what he says whether to press in reverse or in order. obey his worded instruction not colour he says the words in


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