Fancy Fortress

Defend your fortress from snails, bombs and turtles by drawing obstacles on the ground. How many waves can you survive?

  • Press or hold RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON to walk.
  • press LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to draw.
  • Use the NUMBER KEYS to select color.
  • Press ESCAPE to pause.
  • Press R to restart the level or restart the game if you’re holding down shift
Technical Info:

There are three different colors you can use to defend your fortress. Each with their own abilities and weaknesses.

  • The red strokes damage and slows down enemies that thouches them.
  • The blue strokes act like walls and makes explosive enemies explode.
  • The yellow turret shoots at all enemies in it’s range. But it explodes if it gets in contact with one.

Enemies are immune to defenses of the same color. They are also immune while standing in dark ink.

If you are up for a challenge, pick the endless mode in the main menu and survive as many waves as you can.

  • Programming - Ivar
  • Music - Knutone
  • Artwork - Knutone and Fred

Huge thanks to ”llemeliell” for drawing the title screen art!

Known bugs:
  • send us feedback if you’ve found any bugs or glitches.
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  • Jupiter Hadley
    Lv. 13

    Very unique concept! I included it in my GM48: Colors are Important compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)

  • Peter 🌊 Jørgensen

    So close! Made it level 9, can anyone beat that?! :D

  • FrogWax
    Lv. 5

    I loved so much of this entry. High innovative design and awesome controls. I agree with what some people have said about it getting easy pretty quickly, but with more time I could see this developing into a really interesting tower defence title unlike anything I've seen before. The shooting sound effects were a little high pitched.

    Everything from the animation to the presentation and music was absolutely on point. I hope to see this developed and polished up further.

    Brilliant entry, well done

      Lv. 36
      C0DERP1GLET Coder of Fancy Fortress

      5yrs ago

      Thank you for being very positive. That’s great because:

      1. It makes me happy and
      2. It makes future unsettled raters think in the right direction.

      Still, don’t expect too much of us. It would be awesome to create a big game out of this concept but we’re not sure if we got time for that.

  • GooseNinja
    Lv. 3

    This could easily be turned into a "Beyond" game jam game! I'd definitely play it :) Good Job!

      Lv. 36
      C0DERP1GLET Coder of Fancy Fortress

      5yrs ago

      Thank you. I want to expand on this idea, but I also want to do twentyeleven other things.

      BTW: Do you think this would work on a mobile device? I got the license.

  • Kwis
    Lv. 67

    Gonna just reiterate Lyra's feedback there!

    EDIT: reiterating, as in, I agree with what they said and the rest of my message is trying to mention other aspects ^^

    It's nice because the game is super intuitive (except for the control, i had to read the instructions here cause I am not used to move a character with the right click - you could have added wasd as a secondary option for movement), it's easy to understand what does what (although I didn't get quick that the same color cancels itself) My only gripe would be that as the difficulty ramps up, the game gets a bit repetitive. As in, when you have the three colors, nothing really forces you to play differently. I always used the same strategy (when i got the hang of it): having a yellow turret protected by blue barriers. Then when I can, I add the red (although this technique was disrupted when the only enemies were snails) I kinda wished there was something to add to it, like more new enemies or maybe special items (idk, for example, a bomb in the middle that you can "attack" to get a reward, making you chose between a better defense or force you to play things differently, as turret would be aggro by them and thus not killing enemies), but obviously the time restriction made that difficult to add either way.

    I lost when there was a super violent spam of about 10 turtles. Jesus, How was I supposed to beat that? The number of red bombs spawned from their death was insane

    EDIT: Crap! If I knew this was the last wave, I would have tried to beat it at least one more time. At that point, I was, to be honest, a bit exhausted by the game, that was rather long, and I just thought "okay things are gonna get crazier than that later on so maybe I should just quit now, this is getting too intense for me" lol

    Dye Hard

    Dye Hard

      Lv. 36
      C0DERP1GLET Coder of Fancy Fortress

      5yrs ago

      Why are you saying you’re reiterating Lyra? Your responses aren’t even similar.

      Sorry for not explaining the controls in game. Walking with right click is the standard in, for example MOBA’S.

      I think the problem we made was to make the game too long. If it were shorter, we could have a steeper difficulty curve, more checkpoints, and introduce content more often.

      If we make a full game out of this, we may include your idea. Don’t expect too much though. We have other projects.

      You’re good at counting. The last wave consists of exactly 10 turtles. The only thing you missed was a unique room transition and a “Thanks for playing” text. But I can thank you now instead.

      Thanks for playing!

      Edit I don't think you will see this but I'm translating your text to swedish to know what you're saying. It suggests that reiterating means "upprepa" which means to repeat.

  • Tero Hannula

    I lost on turtle :D The game mechanic was pretty unique, and I liked it, the game worked well and the music was good. The sound effects were bit annoying if I may complain about it. Though graphics were bit too pixelated and crude, you had some animations and transitions with levels was good, it gave the game more polished feeling. It was good game with nice tower defence mechanic :)

      Lv. 36
      C0DERP1GLET Coder of Fancy Fortress

      5yrs ago

      It's okay to get killed by the turtle. There isn't much more content to see anyways. Do you think this is too pixelated? You know what, the game was originally going to be half the resolution. I'm glad we changed that. And also, thanks for the feedback!

  • Lyra
    Lv. 2

    This game is fantastic. The concept of "tower-defense with a twist" works amazingly there. Having the theme of ink, pencils and paint in the core gameplay is really cool, even if the "colors are important" part is secondary and more of an indicator. The gameplay is super visual and you immediately understand what's going on on screen (also, it is cool to see the aftermath of each wave with colors splattered everywhere).

    Another big point I enjoyed are the controls. Moving around and using colors feels great, snappy and responsive, and tying your abilities to movement adds an extra layer of strategy and interaction for the player. You don't just wait for enemies to come, but you also have to go and attack them and react to other enemies that might have spawned.

    The difficulty is kinda on the easy side, and it ramps up way too slowly, but that's to be expected from a 48h game. Also, I don't really enjoy the yellow color, as it makes the game just a basic tower defense.

    Overall, this game is a resounding success in my opinion, with fantastic gameplay, art, and sound/music. Huge congrats to the team!



      Lv. 36
      C0DERP1GLET Coder of Fancy Fortress

      5yrs ago

      Wow, thank you so disgustingly much for the feedback. It will help us a lot on our game making journey!

      • ”Colors are important” are referring to multiple things. It's not just the color of the enemies but also the importance of collecting color and using it to protect the castle - That is much more than a secondary indicator.
      • Yeah, I agree that that the difficulty ramps up too slowly. We didn’t have any testers awake when we designed the levels and we thought it was safer to make it a bit too easy than too hard (Unlike our previous games that turned out to be harder than we thougth).
      • What, You don't like the yellow towers? I think they are super fun and add variety to the game.

      Again, thank you catastrophically much for the response.

  • SpritePainter
    Lv. 21

    This is a great concept and really well done for 48 hours. I greatly appreciate the ease-in approach to difficulty, providing one tool at a time while slowly increasing the complexity. The only issue I had in the game was figuring out that I had to click on the menus even though I was using the keyboard to scroll through the options.

      Lv. 36
      C0DERP1GLET Coder of Fancy Fortress

      5yrs ago

      Thanks for the positive feedback.

      I know the menu system is confusing but I want you to have one hand on the mouse when the game starts.

      I'm glad you didn't have any further issues with the game.

  • llemeliell
    Lv. 15

    Another Team golden Games game... anD ANOTHER TITLESCREEN ARTWORK FROM THE AMAZING FEMALE ARTIST! Her work is undoubtedly the best in this entire game! Maybe you should even pay her next time...

  • Croaks
    Lv. 4

    Great submission. This might be my favorite so far. I fully appreciate the aesthetic and how everything integrates back into that style. All the pixel shredding from the snails on red paint, the way the background is made of just offset lines, the giant pencil transitions with cheery 90's computer feeling music. So great.

    My one gripe is that I wish I understood better the advantages of the yellow ink. The giant puddle of purple left over really outweighs my reasons to use it right now.

    Still, that's something very small considering I would play a lot more of this game if it was available and a bit faster paced. More enemies. More stress. MOAR.

    Seriously though, this is great.



      Lv. 36
      C0DERP1GLET Coder of Fancy Fortress

      5yrs ago

      Thanks for the feedback, Croaks. This might be my favorite feedback so far :P

      If you didn’t notice, the yellow ability builds a turret under your character that shoot at the enemies in the circle. If the turret gets hit by an enemy, it breaks and releases a pile of dark ink around it. It can actually be quite powerful if you protect it well.