• Lyra
  • 10 months ago
  • 48th



A ship, bullets, enemies and obstacles. A simple shoot 'em up, right? Except everything is made of a different color and you have the ability to swap the background color. Maybe you'll need one color to see an enemy, but swapping will make other obstacles invisible to you! Thankfully, your bullets have a different colored aura to guide you. Try it out and get to the end!

  • WASD / ZQSD: Movement
  • Left mouse button: Shoot
  • Right mouse button / Space Bar: Swap colors
  • Escape: Quit the game

Some context

This is my very first game jam. I have picked up GameMaker Studio at the beginning of the month (January 2nd to be precise) and I thought this could help me get better at the game-making process. The theme did not speak to me whatsoever, so I just took the only two ideas I had (color-based puzzle game and "basically" Ikaruga) and went with it.

I really wanted to quit after the first day, because the time constraint would not allow me to fine tune the experience to make something good, but instead just have the idea thrown together on the screen without really exploring it (which is what ended up happening, in my opinion).

Halfway through the second day though, as I was ready to just give up and do something else, I hit a point where all the core mechanics were done, and I felt like I was finally designing a game, instead of just coding some logic. Once I got to that point, the process actually became fun, and I was able to finish this very simple game.

I am just a developer, so there is no music, art, or menus. I end up liking the minimalist feel of this, so I don't even mind that it doesn't have sound. If you want, you can put some track in the background. I was listening to Touhou 7's music during the making of the game, and I thought it fit pretty well.

Anyway, thank you for taking interest in the thing I made. I hope you enjoy it even a little bit!


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