Chroma Crawl

Chroma Crawl

  • Zachary
  • 5 months ago
  • 62nd


Like many similar games, Chroma Crawl has you traverse a series of rooms where you will have to defeat any enemies you find before progressing. The twist is, you are able to shift the hue of your weapon to match the color of the enemies, which causes you to do more damage (or heal them if you're not careful). As you make your way from room to room you will find a wide arrangement of upgrades that provide a variety of unique, stacking effects and abilities. But be careful, you won't want to see what happens if you die. (No, really. There's a bug and the game will crash. Oops.)

I highly recommend using a game pad, but keyboard and mouse are supported (and actually easier).

Gamepad Controls

  • Left Stick to move
  • Right Stick to aim
  • Hold Left Trigger or Bumper change weapon color (they shift in opposite directions, but loop around)
  • Right Trigger to shoot

Keyboard Controls

  • WASD to move
  • Mouse to aim (weapon points at the mouse)
  • Hold Right Mouse Button to change weapon color (one direction)
  • Left Mouse Button to shoot

Note: Unfortunately, this build will crash if you die. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy the game.


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