Deathless State

Deathless State

  • Adrien Dittrick
  • 1 year ago
  • 27th


You are the governor of Califeornia.

Califeornia is a no-death state, which means dying there is illegal.

Make sure your fellow citizens don't commit crimes.

Fine them heavily if they do.


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  • Eva
    Eva Eva Level 8

    Absolutely loved this use of the theme. The graphics were minimal, but the game came together quite well, especially with the money collecting sound effect, and was a lot of fun! Even if there wasn't much to do, I found the little captions hilarious.

  • baku
    baku baku Level 40 Patron

    Holy crap, what a clever interpretation of the theme. 10/10 in that category for sure!

    At first I was very confused what to do. Quickly figured out the stairs strategy, and lasted for quite a while. Gameplay wasn't the most exciting tbh. The fact that blocks and some bodyparts blended in with the background, and that I'd often accidentally place a block when trying to fine someone, made it somewhat frustrating.

  • Tero Hannula

    Okay this was bit weird, I am not sure how to play, but managed to survive to the fifth year. Graphichs were simple, but good music though. I am not sure what to feel about this ^^"

  • Kwisarts
    Kwisarts Kwisarts Level 49

    Survived 6 years!

    I'm not really sure what I was expected to do? Cause I ended up doing the same as Allie, making stairs and let them fall to their doom. But I feel it was not what I was supposed to do? The game left me so confused most of the time.

    Either way, I liked the approach of this game, as it was non-conventional and I think a creative way to take the theme. I like how you can see what types of people they are, their issues, etc. Super cool!

    EDIT: Forgot to mention, but the blocks you use for the stairs felt like they were arrow to me instead of blacks. I'd tone down that contrast within the block

  • Allison James
    Allison James Allison James Level 11

    No-frills presentation but a really neat idea! At first, I thought maybe I could easily cheat the game by creating two sets of three stairs and just letting them all drop to their deaths, but it quickly got to a point where the corpses were breaking their falls quicker than I could remove them. I'm still trying to work out in my head if there's a way of guaranteeing maximum efficiency of murder. Love how dynamic it feels.

    Extremely creative use of the theme, immediately fun, and got my brain going a lot. Would love to see this go further on, with different things to build, different tasks to undertake etc. I'm imagining making an entire factory of death 😅

    • Adrien Dittrick Adrien Dittrick
      Level 6

      Thanks for playing :) I'll probably incorporate this idea in another project one day.

  • Boreality
    Boreality Boreality Level 4

    Really really good. Although im not sure I interpreted it correctly, I love the way you implemented the theme, the humor and the message told through game play


GM48 is a great opportunity to exploit very bad puns as game ideas.

Result 27th
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