• Odd Pixel Studios
  • 1 year ago
  • 23rd

Your goal is to gain as many points as you can within the time limit. You gain points from your speed which gradually increases over time. Careful though, if you hit the spikes, you "die" but instead of travelling to your death state, you simply end up in a slightly warped mirror of reality. Hit another spike and you return.

Hitting spikes will also significantly reduce your speed so it is best to avoid them at all costs! There is no penalty from being in the mirrored plane apart from the initial reduction in speed from hitting the spikes so don't worry too much.

Do whatever you must to avoid the spikes, Jump with the Spacebar, Speed Up with the Right Arrow and Slow Down with the Left Arrow. Press R to return to the time selection screen. Grind along a platform if you are daring enough but be warned, you may hit your head and experience signs of concussion if you attempt to jump into the bottom of a platform.

Post your best score for each different time limit and see if you can be the best of the best.

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  • gary butler
    gary butler gary butler Level 7

    Really fun. Well executed on a neat idea. The sound design and graphics really went great with the concept as well. Simple and clean helping the player to focus on the speed and dodging.

  • Tero Hannula

    Game was okay, simple runner. The mirroring didn't really add anything new, you could have almost same game just without it and just make player slow down when hit the spikes. Anyhow, gameplay felt good, nothing to complain about that and music was nice. But sound effects were bit too loud compared to the music.

    Can't remember my high scores :( But the 30 seconds I got all the way without hitting the spikes :P

    • CrashB1111 CrashB1111
      Level 16

      Thanks for the feedback, I intended to do a bit more with the mirrored side but as with much in these types of projects I ran out of time. Sorry about the high score not saving - that was something I was about to do but fell asleep : (

  • Seltzy

    Music slaps.

    Was hard af, but an overall enjoyable experience. good stuff.

  • damnscout
    damnscout damnscout Level 3

    Cool concept. I played with stuff like that in the past, reversing gravity and doing things in reverse. I like the idea of jumping down. The top side felt better, because you could see more easily, so I wonder if it is better to just quickly move out of the dark side because it already slows you down. So the faster you get out, the faster you can get back to the easier side. Maybe make it so when you get transfered, you keep your speed on the dark side, but if you hits spikes there, you move back to the light side and then you slow down. That would encourage people to keep trying on the dark side. Still, great job, and thank you for not making the music so loud!

    • CrashB1111 CrashB1111
      Level 16

      Thanks for the feedback. My original idea was to have you keep your speed but earn no points in the bottom side until you went through a 'portal' type thing but just didn't bother with the time constraint, I'll definitely consider your idea if I go back to this at some stage though. You're welcome for the music :) too loud is very annoying.