A Final Transmission

A Final Transmission

  • Minimum Viable Productions
  • 8 months ago
  • 52nd


A Ship is out exploring the cosmos, trying to unlock the secrets of the universe. But, as the crew finds out, science ain't easy. You have flown too close to a black hole and now your being pulled in! It’s over! Nothing can save your now! What will you do with your time left? Write a letter to your son, your wife, or NASA?

alt text
  • You get to choose what your final words will be, and to whom you send the message.
  • With each question you will be given multiple choice statements and you can select one option.
  • The choices will affect the contents of the message at the end, so every choice matters.

It's a deep story game with heart, as it is your final words, and they might hurt those who care about you.

What will you say?


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