Travel through a mysterious world and talk to weird beings in this atmospheric puzzle-platformer.

  • Arrowkeys/WASD
  • Space
  • R restarts the game.
  • Game, Music & Art made by Kyon Edelenbosch
  • Giant-head voice by Tthecreator


The theme is in the story/environment.

Known Bugs:
  • When you're choosing a question, you can choose "out of bounds" questions, which will bug the game if you hold space to ask that one. So don't go above option 1.
  • Music is a little loud in level 2.
  • Just found out jumping doesn't work on gamepad sorry :(

I'm really proud that I finished this game on time sort of. Made some very very long hours. I put time in SFX and Music last which was very very stressful. Literally uploaded this 2 minutes before the extended time ended. With this entry I tried to listen to all the feedback I was given on my other entries, and put more time into the mechanic, rather than atmosphere. Making it more a game than a movie haha. Really happy with the outcome. Very annoyed by some bugs that I know of that could've been easily fixed. Oh and I had to remove fullscreen mode last minute because it gave some vector-art glitches. Damn you gamemaker hahah.

Special thanks to Tthecreator who did the voice for the giant head. Really adds a lot.

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  • Kwis
    Lv. 67
    • The navigation feels clumsy and disorienting. I wasn't able to tell where I had to go and felt it was uncomfortable to switch gravity. Sometimes you jump, change gravity but forgot where to go, or accidentally change it. Spins too much as a result. Maybe it would have been better to have a wider environment, it felt maybe too small for your character.
    • Not a fan of the sprite animation of your character, btw. Feels a bit unnatural/clumsy to me. (because of the way it moves in a kind of "clunky" way. But it's a hard thing to do.
    • Immersion on point, like always!
    • Plot a bit too cryptic. I know(/assume) you want people to be free to make their own interpretation, but sometimes it's nice/fine to tell a story up until the end (instead of always letting them guess) I think it lacks something to have a more solid structure. But I mean, I still feel it's improved from your other games (I might have missed your previous one though), notably because you have dialogue choices (which is great to let the player choose what they want to know).

    Perhaps the story would feel a bit more solid if we had more "clues", as subtle as they can be, as to who/why/what/how.

    It might also jump a bit, adding more questions than we expect (the birthday person). Gives me a Silent Hill feel though, as the supporting cast is interesting. Maybe a bit too full for a game jam though? I think such a story focused game would benefit greatly from being longer (obviously out of the question in this case since it's a game jam - what I mean is that maybe it was a bit too ambitious - or it could simply be a bit more simple). Knowing more of the past and present, in a less vague manner.

    I'm not saying it's bad btw, just that it's improvable. (I'm nitpicking) It's often a good thing to have some way to have a factual conclusion, or a solution to a problem in particular. Just to show some progression. I had almost as many questions in the beginning that in the end (exagerating a bit, I admit)

    I hope I'm not too vague myself lol



    • Kyon
      Lv. 25

      Thanks for the feedback Kwisarts, always appreciate it! I agree with you, I guess because this time I was focusing more on some sort of mechanic, the story got way too vague. I sometimes forget that if you have no idea what's it about, it can be quite annoying even. I had a cool scene in mind, that would be right before the last level, where there was a big curtain as backdrop, with silhouettes of people talking (muffled sounds). With certain objects and maybe another "messenger" who would explain better that the player is in a coma. (which was my idea of the game, some sort of near-death-state). But yeah, time.. :c

      As I said to Tero, I also noticed the character being clunky, haha, I spent a few hours the first day trying to redo her, and ended up making a walking nose. But that didn't fit the mood at all, it was just laughable. I knew it was a problem but just went with the character because otherwise I would spent too much time on drawing. But it's noted for the next one ;)

      I'm already very excited for the next GM48, I feel like I'm learning new stuff every time. And I'm planning to make something more direct next time.

  • Fachewachewa

    Really cool game <3 (I realized I missed your last two game, I'll need to check them out)

    That... bean? made me a little sad though :(

    Two small nitpicks:

    • Like Tero said, your character might be too tall for this game but even without the gravity mechanic, I think it look kinda weird for platforming for some reason.
    • As for the level rotation, it was kinda nauseating. Not sure why or what could be done to limit that, I'm not usually affected by thing like that. Maybe because of the intermediate animation where the character is not straight up in the middle?
  • Tero Hannula

    It was bizzare experience :D Good graphics and visuals. You seem to always use I assume bloom and grain shader, gives your game the look with your vector graphics. There was more to play than in your previous jam game, good improvement. "Oh wow, this girl can jump" when tried first time.

    The one thing, which caught my eye, was the turning world around. As the gameworld and player turns around, it doesn't look that good with long characters like yours. Maybe shorter would have work better and faster turning with camera, for good example, take a look Gamemaker game Blackhole by FiolaSoft studios.

    Oh! The birthday boy was your avatar :D



    • Kyon
      Lv. 25

      Thanks for your feedback Tero! Haha yeah, I always use a bloom and a grain/vignette shader. I really like that I'm making sort of a "series" here at GM48. (my main project doesn't really look like these games) Glad you recognize it. I started this game with the idea to really listen to the feedback I was getting. I don't really like my previous two games because it lacks mechanics and feel like my first GM48 game had (Dear Anna). So I focused more on content, mechanics and feel in this one.

      Funny thing, the first day of the jam I made the gravity mechanic, and started working on the character. When I finished the character (which took waaaayy too much time) I noticed it looking very silly. Then I spent way too much time trying to create a smaller character but just failed (ended up creating literally a walking nose, thought it was funny but really threw you out of the dreamy experience hahaha). Then I decided to just stick with the original design.

      Thanks again :)

  • baku

    An audiovisual delight, that's for sure! Awesome job, especially with the soundscape. Gameplay wasn't exactly something never-before-seen (personally it makes me think of that one Super Paper Mario stage, but there are lots of examples), but it was very enjoyable nonetheless. 👌

    That being said, 62 MB zipped?! Did you forget to compress your audio files inside GM?

    • Kyon
      Lv. 25

      oh yikes. I'm only noticing it now that you mention it... Yeah I think the audiofiles are still 320kbps wav's... That's too bad.

      Glad you liked it! Thanks for the feedback! :)

  • mrbbnbrn
    Lv. 6

    Guacamole fuckamole dude. This is awesome! I recognised your art style right away because I remember your last game from previous gm48 :)

    Every aspect of your game fits together really well. I hope you make a follow up on your story based games.



    • Kyon
      Lv. 25

      Thanks!! That means a lot! (I am actually working on a bigger project for almost a year now. It's story-based, but more gameplay-oriented than my jam games haha)

  • Allison James

    I've got mixed feelings about this! It was such a bizarre mix of non-sequitur story elements with extremely inconsistent tones - the dialogue of the face and of the "tree" seemed to be sincere, but between it all was a disheartened birthday toe obsessed with its birthday?!

    The gameplay was excellent - I've always got time for gravity switching platformers, and this did it in a simple, immediately intuitive way. In all honesty, I think that could have carried the game itself - make the story something about the fact you can suddenly walk up walls!

    Audio and visuals were both extremely well done as well, and well done on not only adding voice acting (albeit only for one character), but also having it fit the game well.

    It's just hard to pin down my overall opinion, because the story was by far the game's most significant aspect, and that's the bit I'm mixed on. But great work on making something so polished - and definitely interesting - in the limited time!



    • Kyon
      Lv. 25

      Hi Allison, thanks a lot for playing the game and leaving feedback. Really appreciate it. Glad you liked it! The birthday scene may seem a bit random indeed. It does have a purpose in the story I have in my head for this game. But I always leave it a bit vague so that people may make their own stories. But yeah, the tree and face have more meaningful dialogue haha. The story is hidden in their lines.