Well of Souls

Well of Souls

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Any feedback both positive and/or negative is VERY much appreciated. Some goes for ratings :)

Have you got suggestions for improvements? Particularly enjoyed something, feel free to share, I'd love to hear about it. I'm looking to (non-commercially) further develop this game as well so it would be very valuable.

In short

You have escaped from the Well of Souls. Stay out of the reach of the Keeper of Souls and battle your way through the rogue-lite procedurally generated dungeons! Try it out, and see if you can beat your personal highscores.


Everything is explained in-game, but it can't hurt explaining here either:

  • Arrow Keys - Movement
  • Z Key - Warp into empty Vessel
  • X Key - Attack
  • R Key - Go back to the Main Menu

That's it, as far as the controls are concerned. Now do note, you should pay attention to your Health, Clock, Soul Essence (score) and Dungeon level information. This information can be found in the 4 corners of the screen.

How to warp into an empty Vessel? While in Soul-mode, empty Vessels are indicated with a Soul Link. When next to an Vessel simply press Z.

My vessel got killed, what do I do? Well, you're not dead (no death state remember?) simply find yourself a new Vessel and warp into it!


Title screen alt text

The Keeper of Souls in action. alt text

The Soul with Soul Links. alt text


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