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About this game:

You woke up in a distorted world, where the flow of time is fractured. What can you do to escape, when you can only live for 10 seconds?

"Rewinds" is a puzzle platformer, but here's the catch: due to a mysterious power, you are sent back to the past every 10 seconds. You cannot live, nor die, you are stuck in this time loop forever...

...or are you?

How tos:

The concepts are pretty simple: reach the end of each stage before your "time" runs out!

Move with Left / Right arrow keys, press X to interact with switches, jump with Z and hold it mid air to hover, be careful though as your time drains faster when hovering!

Future Plans:

I also published Rewinds on so maybe come drop me a few bucks if you really really liked the game. (`・ω・´)ノ

It's only 5 levels long for now, but I do plan on updating it post-jam. Level design still has its flaws, but it's hard to see when playtesting, as I am the only person working on this project and I knew all the answers to every puzzle beforehand.


  • Designer: Saito

  • Developer: Saito

  • Artist: Saito

  • Composer: Saito

  • SFX are generated with BFXR, BGM are composed using Bosca Ceoil

  • The game is developed, compiled, and exported using Game Maker: Studio version 1.4.9999


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