On Death's Bed

On Death's Bed

  • damnscout
  • 2 years ago
  • 49th

Become Death

On Vacation from the World

Become Death, the Grim Reaper, just trying to enjoy some time off at home in bed without betting pestered by demons. Your peaceful rest has been disturbed by a vile monster, who is upset that you aren't doing your job. The world could use a few days without fearing death.

Teleport to the top of your home, sending those who have come to disrupt your peace back to whence they came.

What is this all about?

This is a simple shoot-em up style game with some basic platforming, some powerups. The goal (besides having fun) is to beat your times to the top and completing the game. How fast can you do it? Can you do it without being sent back to your bed?

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  • Tero Hannula

    Idea was nice, but there was so much clicking ^^" I played it for some time, but there was absolutly massive wave of flying enemies waiting for me upwards, couldn't get pass there to the boss :( The sound effect wasn't that good. Did you make the music? It was bit quiet. Anyhow, it was nice game and. These jams are good time to learn and try something new :)



  • BitRapture

    Nice game dude! Played for a while haha. I did notice that if you stay on the bottom level you are pretty much safe from everything and can just grind on upgrades.

    • damnscout

      Yep. Though, I think that will take a lot longer then pushing forward. i.e. The point isn't to finish the game. At some point, you will be able to finish. The challenge is doing it as fast as you can.

  • Kwis
    • Level 63

    2yrs ago

    "The power thing doesn’t kill you." Thing is, that "penalty" is death. Your character gets sent back to a previous checkpoint but keeping equipements. technically that is a death state, it just "let you keep stuff as a bonus", as a death state doesn't imply "you lose things" (in many rpg, when you die, you keep everythind you had on you, but you still are considered being dead)

    Did you keep dev tools in? I accidentally right clicked wrong on top and suddenly I got toooons of souls, all upgrades and insane swarms of enemies came to me. I still easily killed the boss but I don't know how I did that lol



    • damnscout

      We'll, I don't see it as a death state, but that's fine. We interpret it how we want. Technically, the theme doesn't require no death in the game itself. The story is that you are playing as death on vacation, literally not killing anyone. There is no death state for anyone in the story, that's why you are being attacked. =)

      Regardless, yes, I kept the dev tools in for fun. You get that by hitting the Return key. I left it in for fun.

  • Fachewachewa

    I feel like the enemy respawn was too high to make noticeable progress. And like havik said, too much clicking!

    Also getting to 0 power is kind of a death?

    Having HP and money be the same thing was interesting though

    • damnscout

      Enemy respawn is a balancing act. I’ve beaten it at the current difficulty, but I also know what I’m doing. Maybe tone the difficulty down and allow the player to choose this as a harder level.

      The power thing doesn’t kill you. You keep your buffs I’d you have any, and resets the boss. Being reset is fine. The timer keeps going. It’s really about putting you back on the bottom forcing you to spend the time climbing again. That’s the penalty. I should make that more clear.

  • havik

    I survived 7 minutes 46 seconds. Couldn't kill the boss - is it possible? It regenerates health so fast! I thought I was going to win until it went into the second phase and then it was all over haha.

    The teleport mechanic was cool, would have fit abnormal movement too. It would have been nice maybe have an indicator of how much further up you needed to go before you got to the boss, a progress bar of sorts.

    I bought the soul restore upgrade thing for 1000 souls that you find halfway up. Wasn't 100% sure on what it did by the description (which makes it more fun) but I risked it and I was happy with it. Nice to see the souls keep going up, really helped in the boss fight (until he went full super mode and destroyed me).

    Apart from my finger which is tired from all the clicking, it was good fun!

    Also - don't fall off the platforms near the top, it's quite a long way to teleport back up with all those bird things ganging up on you. Think I lost like 600 souls doing that :D

    • damnscout

      Hey thanks for the feedback! Yes, it’s possible to kill the boss. You need the damage power up to do it. Maybe I can tune it so you can beat him without it. That’s all about tuning at this point.

      As for the clicking, I can change that to just holding the mouse down, since it’s already an attack timed to the animation.

      I love the progress bar meter on going up! Excellent idea!

      Thanks for the feedback!