John Bone

John Bone

  • ClayPigeons
  • 2 years ago
  • 48th

John Johnson has taken his sturdy photon riffle and began their adventure. He's not just in this dungeon for treasure and artifacts, but for souls. Uncover the mystery of the shrines and try to get out alive.

Sadly a merging conflict got rid of all the sounds...


Use A and D to move, space to jump, mouse to aim, LMB to shoot and R to reset to the last activated angel statue.


Programming: Clay, Emilio, Zugai

Art: Clay, Emilio, Zugai

Level Design: Clay

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  • Tero Hannula

    It had nice pixel art, but maybe the field of view could have been bit larger? The game didn't have gravity in most, felt bit silly ^^" As the areas are huge, you really don't know where you are or where you should be going :/ I didn't try finish it. But hopefully you learned thing or two while making this game :) These jams are good time to try something new and learn things, completing and competing are extras ^^

    • Zugai89 Zugai89
      Level 2

      Yeah, with levels that large it might have been better to focus on showing the player, if there is a hazard below, before they fall down. Or focus progression mostly to one side maybe with alternative paths, but fewer dead ends :D

  • BitRapture
    BitRapture BitRapture Level 6

    This is some amazing pixel art and a nice concept however the jumping mechanics and collisions is a little iffy in places. Holding down the jump button allows for an immediate jump which I have no problem with however it grants the ability to just mindlessly walk through the place. Some sound effects would have been nice; a good program for that is bfxr. Good job on the game though guys!

    • Zugai89 Zugai89
      Level 2

      Thank you :D We actually had a collection of sound effects from bfxr already set up, but the last merge before submission broke everything, so we had to ditch the sfx for the 2 levels of gameplay D: And if you mean the bunny hopping, I wanted to turn that off, but I guess I spent too much time on art and fixing other stuff and forgot XD

  • Yosi
    Yosi Yosi Level 30

    I got stuck in a pit as the reaper in the second level somehow.

    • Zugai89 Zugai89
      Level 2

      As long you have activated a statue, you can use R to teleport back. Else got to poke our level designer about it ^^

The project was maybe a bit ambitious for a team with two beginners. The initial idea was to have John transform to a reaper on death and resurrect at angel statues or by using souls. The soul revival mechanic didn't make it in time, similarly the variants of enemies didn't and therefore we only have a skeleton. Our biggest struggles were merging "view" files (.yy) between our own branches (using external software) and it frequently caused really frustrating situations. toward the end it got a bit better, but we still had to sacrifice the already implemented sounds for the 2 now implemented levels at the last conflict minutes before the deadline, because the merged version would simple "fail to load" the project.

While the game might not quite live up to the initial idea and not all produced assets made it into the game, everyone learned something during the jam and that's the important part!

Result 48th