In Somme Nia

In Somme Nia

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W/up S/down enter to control the main menu. WASD and mouse controls. click to fire a pillow. ammo is limited, so run over the pillows to pick them back up. or don't. you're faster with fewer pillows burdening you down.

you wake up to see your house infested with creatures. as the hordes grow in number you will eventually be overwhelmed and die. or wait... no you don't. you wake up to see your house infested with creatures.

A lot of temp assets were used from the kenny art packs over at itch. I watched a lot of sean spaulding tutorials while making this and read up guides on code online, so a chunk of the code was not made by me. and of course the amazing animation_end script by the amazing Jon Peterson and Minty Python.

for anyone interested in the file I have the git open to the public to download. it's quite buggy and a lot of stuff initially planned to go into it (extra enemies, sound effects and music, a few animations that were commented out due to being too buggy for the time frame) so feel free to take it and improve it.

I do not own the art. it was all free asssets in the kenny bundle or drawn by Rainhet over the course of the last day.


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