Here Be Wolves

Here Be Wolves

  • TobyMoby
  • 1 month ago
  • 27th


Starting the game, it'll directly throw you into level 1. Your goal is to collect all the gold in each level to open a secret door to the next area.

This is not mainly an action game. The levels were somewhat created as puzzles. Were should you go first? Left or right? Which wolve do you need to kill to proceed? You'll have to consider a lot of things. If you create an impossible situation (which is absolutely possible!) you can simply restart the level.


-collect the treasure by walking over it

-wolves can be fallen on, which will stun them. If they otherwise touch you, you'll die and the level will restart

-once you collected your first silver bullets, you'll be able to shoot the wolves, which will kill them.

-press UP or DOWN to climb the ladders. You can also climb sideways.


-walk: arrowkeys left and right

-climb: arrowkeys

-shoot: spacebar (after collecting bullets first)

-fullscreen toggle: "F" key

-restart level: "R" key

-quit game: ESC


-walk: left stick x-axis or dpad left and right

-climb: leftstick or dpad

-shoot: A-button, right trigger (after collecting bullets first)

-fullscreen toggle: SELECT

-restart level: Y-button

-quit game: START

This game was inspired by Loderunner, which I absolutely loved as a child and still adore!


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