Epic Fire Truck II is the sequel to the highly acclaimed Epic Fire Truck. (https://gm48.net/g/1415)

Play as a firefighter in a horribly maintained city, where buildings catch fire left and right. Drive around the city and search for fires, then take them out with your powerful fire hose. Oh, and make sure to save any cats you come across!


  • Arrow Keys or WASD to move
  • Space or Z to boost / fight fires
  • Shift or X to jump
  • Press any button when the two circles meet to save the cat
  • Press the displayed arrow key quickly to fight fires. (Unfortunately, WASD doesn't work for fighting fires)


  • Yosi - Code, Art, Sound Effects
  • Bumi - Art
  • Meseta - Music
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Next time I'll make sure the controls work.

Result 10th