• Oliver Spicer
  • 5 months ago
  • 40th


You're an intern at a crazy scientist's lab. When he left to get some lunch, you were left with specific instructions to NOT press THAT button. 5 minutes later, having immediately pressed THAT button, you find yourself trapped in a snowglobe, with no apparent way out. Huh, you think to yourself, maybe I shouldn't have pressed that button and ignored the 7 different warnings. However, the scientist is returning soon, and you have to escape so you keep that internship. But, how.........?


WASD - Movement, obviously

SPACE - Moving through the death and next level screens


Oliver S, Zak B, Vincent N, Jack D

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  • Veralos
    Veralos Veralos Level 33

    Neat game. The premise of being stuck in a snowglobe is a really interesting use of the theme. Having several minigames is pretty impressive, though I wonder if it would have made more sense to just focus on and polish one game. I still enjoyed them regardless.

    The graphics look really nice. I like the use of pixel art and the snow flowing around the globe is cool. However, it's a bit weird that the art styles for the intro and the actual game are completely different. The music is good, but it's a pit off putting having no sound effects. Not like I can talk though.

    • Oliver Spicer Oliver Spicer
      Level 6

      I agree that the mini games could have done with a couple more features, levels and aesthetic polish to get them all working nicely - it might have even been better to have many variations on 2 mini games rather than 3.

      The intro was very rushed, implemented in two hours before the deadline. Looking back something more suited to the pixel art style may ease the transition, even if just using the same colour scheme. The same is true for the sound effects, which were planned but didn't make it in time.

      Thanks for playing and the kind comments :)

  • Nyveon

    That was quite the adventure!

    Really enjoyed this little game. Fun concept and interesting minigames.

    My main feedback would that the minigames could have been tuned a bit better. Specifically, the challenge in the dodging minigame and the movement of the platformer minigame. In the platformer minigame I found a bug, where if you spam W real quick you can do a super jump. (Or perhaps its a feature?)

    Pretty cool project, well done! :)


    • Oliver Spicer Oliver Spicer
      Level 6

      Yes, the controls could have benefited from some final the player to jump a few frames after you've left the ground.

      Bold choice to join them (it gets very cold in there), thanks for the feedback.

  • Eva
    Eva Eva Level 11

    Having a collection of games was enjoyable and the story was hilarious. The sound felt a bit repetitive, and the platformer section's leap of faith was a bit odd with the gap in it, but I really liked the opening, dialogue, and the illusion of choice. Nice work!

    • Oliver Spicer Oliver Spicer
      Level 6

      Glad you enjoyed the game, Maybe different types of music would solve the repetitiveness and a different style of music for each mini game could be a cool idea.

  • Nick
    Nick Nick Level 4

    The way the setup for the story is dealt with in just a few stills made me smile and was also effective.

    Any one of the mini games could have been a jam entry in itself. They were all reasonably effective, though occasionally a bit punishing as it was hard to see the danger ahead / below. My only feedback would be that focusing on just one of the mini games might have led to a more polished result.

    The fit with the theme is very good. What better example of a small world can there be than a snowglobe. Good work!

    • Oliver Spicer Oliver Spicer
      Level 6

      Thanks for playing and the review,

      the intro was really rushed ( implemented in the last two hours ) so i'm glad you enjoyed it. With a couple more hours the mini games could of been nice and polished - but it's always like that and I agree that limiting the scope would've created a more refined experience overall :)

  • illdie
    illdie illdie Level 7

    The dialogue and events were quite funny, and it's quite ambitious to make 3 different minigames all in one. Though, on the frozen lake, the camera left almost no room for me to tell what was coming, which felt very unfair, and I didn't even notice the small white projectiles until I had died a few times to them already and was very confused. I'd also say that the platform right after the "Leap" sign shouldn't leave any holes within the player's reach from that jump; as it is, since you can't see what's below there, you have to just blindly guess where the platform is and probably die the first time, which feels a bit cheap.

    Overall, great effort, funny game, "Join Them" or "Escape" was a very difficult choice lol.

    • Oliver Spicer Oliver Spicer
      Level 6

      I really enjoyed coding the story aspects. The frozen lake view definitely needed work and the leap section could have been a bit more fair (maybe allowing you a little more time to jump mid-air).

      Thanks for playing :)

  • Tero Hannula

    Idea being inside snowglobe was funny, and it was nice to have several mini games. First heart minigame view should have not be moved only while being in top part, as you needed to avoid things and you couldn't do it there. The music had too prominent instrument there, maybe you should have tuned it bit down. In second minigame there wasn't really any challenge. In platformer it was nice you had implemented coyote time type of thing :)

    I don't know why should I have joined the snowglobe people as they where hostile for me :P (And about the precious metals, I could just give them eg. a nail as being big again, and they would have plentyful of iron ^^)

    • Oliver Spicer Oliver Spicer
      Level 6

      Thanks for the review, The view on the top down game should have been larger and we'll add a music control screen next time. The second mini game was very rushed so needed a bit more added.

      Glad you noticed the coyote time :)

      Well, maybe they'll be nicer after you give them back the metals. The nail thing would work but they'd still have underlying trust issues.

      • Tero Hannula Tero Hannula

        Maybe the view size in top down wasn't the exact problem but to view move player had to be top part of the screen. Maybe view could have been positioned so player was down part of screen always, so much more in front could have been visible and time for avoid things.

        About coyote time (just nitpicking about it), when you jump midair I think you calculated jump as "vspeed -= 10". Now this means if vspeed isn't zero (as in coyote time you are midair and falling bit), jump height won't be as high as jumping from ground (when initial vspeed is 0). This means in coyote time your vspeed can be 2, and when jump speed is additive -10, now actual appear jump speed appears to player being -8, which makes jump smaller. I would prefer jump being set "vspeed = -10", not additive. You could try it out and check how it feels :)

  • Megan
    Megan Megan Level 6

    I like the music. I don't quite understand the story, though. The level of difficulty for the platformer was good. The heart portion was neat but it would help if the screen showed more unless that was the point.

    • Oliver Spicer Oliver Spicer
      Level 6

      Thanks for playing, the heart portion was meant to be more arcady but that could of been made clearer - glad you enjoyed the music and level design.