• Odd Pixel Studios
  • 9 months ago
  • 28th

Take to the two sides of the curtain as you direct an abismal crew for the production of the summer. Keep the audience happy by putting together a coherent show and you tackle both sides of the play at the one time.


WASD/Arrows = Movement

Spacebar = Interact with Props/Tables

Tab = Switch Character

1, 2, 3 = Play Sound Effects

1: Suspense

2: Gunshot

3: Censorship Beep


Select the type of music you would like to have for your play and the type of set you would like.

After this, follow the instructions at the top of the screen. Be mindful of the symbols in the top right which indicate what the next action shall be while watching the timer ticking down in the top left for the current action.

There are three types of actions:

Dialogue: Some actors will forget their lines, so help them out by typing as much of the line out as you can before the timer runs out. Movement: Move the actor into the indicated position on stage. Prop: Collect a prop from the prop table using space Sound Effect: Be ready to activate the sound effects at the correct time by walking up to the

Props may be picked up whenever the backstage person feels like it and placed on the table ready for the actors onstage however the actors cannot pick the props up until the action at the top of the screen indicates it.


Code = Crash B

Art = WonderT

Music = Nick Rinaldi

Apologies for the overlapping music, trigger to stop the menu music was forgotten

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  • Fachewachewa

    Such an interesting idea! But the more a game does new things the more it needs to explain its rules, and this one is reaaaaally confusing :(

    Took me multiple tries of the public leaving to finally understand a few concepts, but I still didn't understand how to help the actors remember their lines. The fact that the music plays over itself, or that the circles you need to move to are often obscured, or that there isn't any direct feedback to know if you succeded or not (I know the public reacts but for example for the sound effects I never knew if I did it wrong or not) doesn't help with the overall confusion either.

    In the end, the game definitely needed playtesting (and I know it's hard to do during jams) but a small interactive tutorial to explain the basic interactions would have been a safe bet.

  • Lee
    Lee Lee Level 8

    I really like the concept of this one. I feel like with a bit more time and polish it could be really great. I think this is definitely a more unique take on the theme and I appreciate that. I would have liked to see more change when switching between the different plays. Overall, I enjoyed my play through.

  • Zen00
    Zen00 Zen00 Level 12

    First play: Audience Score -413 Second play: Audience Score 2446 Third play: Audience Score 3239 Unfortunately all the plays/music are the same. Otherwise, great concept and very unique :)

  • PizzaBandit

    This is an original and creative game, very ambitous for the jam but pulled off well. I played through a few times with different scenarios and it's fun to play. Awesome job!

  • Megan
    Megan Megan Level 9

    Really cool concept! I like that the player can choose which audio effects and props to use -- makes it way funnier and more fun for the player. Too bad about the music bug. This has a lot of potential and could be a great game if polished and bulked up.

  • Mimpy
    Mimpy Mimpy Level 17

    Really solid, this is quite a unique setup and there's lots of potential for expansion into a larger, fuller game here. I especially like the immediate feedback with the audience reactions and the cardboard-crayony aesthetic of the set.

    The only big issue I think is the meshing sounds and a couple of small visual errors, like the position marker being behind the table and hard to see, or how if you swap to a new character while walking, the character you just swapped away from will continue jittering at walking speed. But these are all relatively minor problems.

    • CrashB1111 CrashB1111
      Level 16

      Thanks for the feedback. Glad you can see the potential for this game if we decide to expand in the future :) The errors mostly came down to a lack of final polish that was applied to the final build due to time constraints but I will note them down for any expansions we decide to do.

  • Heather
    Heather Heather Level 10

    Love the concept. Really enjoyed it and would love to see this game developed more! I think it'd be cool to add more variations and scenarios. Like make the player move the actors around more or have specific sound cues needed. Really liked the different things you have to do. Particularly the typing. Would love to see this expanded more! Had lots of fun. And great interpretation of the theme.

    • CrashB1111 CrashB1111
      Level 16

      Thanks for the feedback. Glad you loved the concept and had some enjoyment with the game : ) Our original plans for the game were to have multiple longer scripts alongside a sound effect selection which would've added some more variety to the game. Glad you thought the interpretation of the theme, we try to be a bit more outlandish and unique with our interpretation.

  • SpritePainter
    SpritePainter SpritePainter Level 14

    This is a really cool idea, I just don't think it quite gets there in the execution. It was very uncler to me what I was supposed to do and where. Some UI cues to point the player in the right direction, and input feedback would go a long way.

    • CrashB1111 CrashB1111
      Level 16

      Thanks for the feedback. The game definitely lacked a lot of polish and instruction. I only managed to cobble together a playable prototype in the early morning before the due time so the final product ended up pretty much being a playable prototype which was unfortunate and hence why there was a lack of proper instruction or feedback. Thanks for the advice though, definitely going to be a priority for the next game.

  • Kask Daxxe
    Kask Daxxe Kask Daxxe Level 2

    Theres some really cool concepts in here, but I had to check the guide to understand the controls, and I still couldn't get anything right. I don't know if it's just me, but I definitely needed more info on where the positions were and stuff. I really like the idea though, I work in theatre so this appeals to me!

    • CrashB1111 CrashB1111
      Level 16

      Thanks for the feedback. In the end, making a playable prototype for someone else to test took an extremely long time so we didn't end up getting feedback from anyone on how intuitive the game was so I doubt it was just you having issues. Glad you liked the idea though!