Dr. Rekoil and the Last Judgement

Dr. Rekoil and the Last Judgement

  • Käsityökerho
  • 9 months ago
  • 12th
It's time for the Last Judgement... And Dr. Rekoil will be the judge.

Fight the endless horde of hellish monsters with big guns. Keep yourself in the most advantageous position by switching between the overworld and the underworld. Some monsters will be harder to beat on one side but easier on the other.


Made by Käsityökerho:
Riuku - programming
Seko - art, sounds and programming
dosto - art
henrimikael - music


(the controls can also be found within the game)

Keyboard & mouse-- --Xbox controller
Move WASD Left stick
Aim Mouse Right stick
Shoot Left mouse button RB
Roll Space LB
Flip the world F X
Switch display mode F1

PlayStation controller probably works too but we make no promises!

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  • baku
    baku baku Level 53 Patron

    This is a super solid game. Gameplay, art and music is all well made, nice job. It reminded me of something like Nuclear Throne, Dr. Rekoil even looks like Fish a little bit :P

    The online leaderboard is a nice touch!

    During my second run the game randomly froze during a switch between over/underworld and I had to kill it with task manager... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8eLJyfZfr4U

    • Riuku Riuku
      Level 11

      Thanks baku!

      Nuclear Throne was definitely one source of inspiration for the overall style of the combat, even though I don't think any of us have actually played it yet!

      Thanks for the video. We had someone else run into that freeze as well but this is the first time I'm seeing it for real because I haven't managed to reproduce it myself. If we make a post jam version, we'll definitely fix it.

  • Fachewachewa

    Very solid game. Awesome art and music, very decent content for a jam, and good amount of polish everywhere. Guns and enemies were really satisfying to use and kill.

    But I'm also pretty bad at it. I had a hard time with the controls, even the mapping on controller felt a bit weird. It's a fast paced game but on keyboard I have to give up a finger when I want to change dimension, and on controller you can't aim if you go to switch dimension! I'd would have liked to be able to roll with RMB and switch side with space, it would have been way less confusing to me.

    The other thing that bothered me is the recoil. With a name like that, you'd figure it would be consistent, but it's not? Sometimes shooting pushed me back a little, and sometimes it threw me on the other side of the map. I wish I could understand how it works, and know what to expect. I'm not against recoil, even various amounts depending on the gun, but the overall lack of control (or... indirect control 🤔) made the whole game way harder than it should imo.

    • Riuku Riuku
      Level 11

      Thanks! Very good points about the key mapping. I don't think we gave enough attention to it.

      The recoil easily seems inconsistent but there is in fact a logic to it: if you move towards the same direction you're shooting, the recoil stays under mostly controllable levels. If you walk "backwards" in relation to the shooting direction, the movement acceleration and the recoil add up and you'll fly. Of course this should all be intuitive and it's a bad sign if a dev has to explain this, but there you go!

      • Fachewachewa Fachewachewa

        Oh, this part felt intuitive! I noticed that, but even then the recoil seemed to change from shot to shot?

        • Riuku Riuku
          Level 11

          Oh ok, I see! The actual amount of recoil is a formula where the parameters are the current momentum and some magic numbers that we threw in and didn't have much time to test :D I like to call this "emergent gameplay".

  • Happysquared
    Happysquared Happysquared Level 11

    Love the voice acting. Enjoyed it in your previous jam entry too. Absolutely love how satisfying it is to run around until you get a power up and then mow down all the enemies. I was wondering why it was called Dr. Rekoil from the main page and soon found out when I booted up the game. The recoil from the guns is a lot of fun even though it makes it harder. Enjoyed the physics of it. Very satisfying game. I'll definitely go back and play more. Only reason why i was able to stop right now is because I need to go to bed. So it was very compelling and immersive and I was eager to beat my last score. Great game! What's the story behind the judgement dr. rekoil guy?

    • dosto dosto
      Level 11

      Thank you for your nice comment! And it's great you had good time with our game.

      We actually discussed if these raspy one-liners should be a thing in the following games too (it's already extremely entertaining to see Reaktori work them up).

      We tried to make a game with not much of lore since we tend to make stories way too long to jam games to handle. The character and the world are basically a mix of following things:

      • First we thought about making a parody of the old video game called Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
      • The parody idea was ditched but since the Finnish word for recoil (rekyyli) is similiar to Jekyll we thought it would be fun to name the main character based on it
      • Dr. Rekoil is visually based on old oc by Reaktori. I'm not sure what's going on with this character of his but it's always appearing in random places.
      • I may have been randomly talking about judgement (since I always mention how my cat judges people) when Riuku remembered that painting of Jan van Eyck's. I always demand on drawing some nasty creatures to our games so it seemed a great thing to take inspiration from.

      It would be nice to make a longer story which would be written visible in the game. We just really aren't writers (we tried in our last jam game Cat in the Room but it was... not a success).

  • Megan
    Megan Megan Level 9

    Fun, very polished! Found the roll a bit finicky and I wish there were more frequent weapon drops (or maybe I just missed them, I am pretty bad at it). Love the voice acting at the start.

    • dosto dosto
      Level 11

      Thank you! I also still like the one-liner even though I have started the game multiple times.

  • Naxos
    Naxos Naxos Level 7

    Cool game! I was terrible at it XD

    There's something to like here in all categories. The enemy variety is great and it's really cool how they are buffed/weakened depending on what 'side' you're on.

    There was a bit of a deadzone issue for me... whenever I released the aim joystick, the aim direction would snap to some other direction.

    I also wasn't a huge fan of the pushback from firing the gun. It made controlling the character more difficult, but I'm thinking that was intentional (Dr. REKOIL). Just a nitpick.

    Online leaderboard is a great addition as well.

    Congrats on a well made entry :)

    PS. I uploaded a video of my playthrough

    • Riuku Riuku
      Level 11

      Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

      I think the game is much easier to play with a keyboard and a mouse because there is no reticle or anything when aiming with a gamepad. At least I was guilty of mostly testing the game with KB+M so I kinda forgot to give any care to the gamepad controls.

      It's always awesome to actually see other people play the game, so thanks for the video!

  • Lee
    Lee Lee Level 8

    This is a really fun game. I found myself playing longer and longer to improve my score which ended up with me taking the top spot (Hokori) for now. I love the balance of having to switch between the worlds to more efficiently fight the different enemies. The graphics, sound and gameplay are all top notch. Great work!

    • Riuku Riuku
      Level 11

      Hey, thanks a lot! You were the first to beat the top developer's score (Reaktori), so congratulations! I've been manically refreshing the leaderboard page to see how people are doing and I was so delighted to see someone get first place!

  • Tero Hannula

    It was good game and good interpretation of the theme, monsters have weak and strong sides depent on which side of the world you are. Otherwise it was pretty basic arena shooter, nothing truly catchy which would you make paly it more than couple of runs. But for jam game it was well made :)

    Here is Stream: https://youtu.be/P-r0wmUQe1g?t=5712

    • Riuku Riuku
      Level 11

      Thanks Tero! It was good fun watching the stream. Please keep streaming!

  • Pixel Pincher

    Oh wow, this is so much too hard for me... :-D

    The game is so well polished, amazing! Cool graphics, sound, music, interesting core mechanic, very well done!

    • Riuku Riuku
      Level 11

      Thank you very much!

      Yep the game is pretty hard. I think we keep repeating our mistake of leaving testing and balancing to the very last minute... But I'm happy that people are enjoying all the cool stuff we managed to squeeze in!

  • Zen00
    Zen00 Zen00 Level 12

    Pretty nice, but needs to be bigger.

    • Reaktori Reaktori
      Level 10


      If you mean that the game has too little content, there's not much we can do anymore. However, if you are referring to the size of the game window, you can toggle different sizes (including fullscreen) by pressing F1.

  • PizzaBandit

    Having an online leaderboard is pretty awesome. Nice feel to the game, like the shotgun blast and particles, etc. Awesome!

    • dosto dosto
      Level 11

      YEsss the real final online judgement. Thank you for playing and commenting!

  • Luke No Further


    Loved the guns, the characters, the rolling, the speedy zipping around, the setting, both the living/dead worlds were cool and deadly and rich and detailed.

    Also I got the 2nd highscore ('NightmareFool') - I've never been on a scoreboard in my entire life and I'm filled with joy!

    It's time for the Judgement... And this time I shall be the judge......





    • dosto dosto
      Level 11

      Ooh what a nice judgement to have (also getting your game called luscious was something I hadn't realized I needed in life). Thanks!

      Observing the leaderboard is pretty fun and it will be interesting to see who is the one to drop our developer from the first place. Seems that you still have a good placement though there has been couple more vicious judges.

  • SpritePainter
    SpritePainter SpritePainter Level 14

    This is absolutely amazing! You've done such a great job on this. The gameplay is fun, the world in immersive and interesting. Switching between worlds is so smooth. I don't really have any criticism to give right now.

    • dosto dosto
      Level 11

      Thank you for your visit in Hell and welcome again!