• Little Donut
  • 1 year ago
  • 50th

TOTAL XTREME COIN FLIPPING WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2001 EDITION is the ONLY officially licensed video entertainment product authorized by the World Coin Flipping Organization.

Flip your way to fame and glory! First to five points wins! Five unlockable characters! Four unlockable powerups! DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES?!

Controls: Point & click, baby (F10 unlocks all characters)

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  • Fachewachewa

    "Controls: Point & click, baby" LIES! You have to press a key after the end of the match >:(

    Fun game tho! Really good visuals BUT I think it lacking in audio. The music is fine (the loop is a little short), but without any sound effect, the whole thing feels really "flat". There isn't any effect on correct or wrong call too, which would have helped make the game more alive.

    I also think there too much downtime between flips where the game does nothing and you have to wait for like two seconds. I ended up unlocking everyone to see what they looked like, but I don't see myself playing to unlock everything because of how slow it feels.

  • Happysquared

    Love the character art. Felt like an old time flash game. Lots of personality for something that is just... a coin flip. I guess that is why it is xtreme! Love the unlockable characters too. Think the character art was my favourite thing. So much personality in them.

  • Tero Hannula

    The graphics were nice, but there was not much to play, and it was based on random luck ^^" Luckily you added button for unlocking all characters, so art didn't go in vain and I could se them all :) Here is my gameplay



  • Zen00
    • Level 13
    1yr ago

    The art was great, not so much the gameplay. Just flipping a coin, even with some abilities thrown in, doesn't make for complelling gameplay. While the music loop is decent, it's too short so very quickly becomes droning.

    Slime Well

    Slime Well

  • Mimpy
    • Level 20
    1yr ago

    Really dig the music and the atmosphere, for sure. I don't have much to say about the gameplay though, like others have said it lacks depth, even with the abilities.

    I think adding just a bit more interactivity, like swinging your mouse upwards to toss the coin manually, would add a lot to gamefeel without needing to redesign the gameplay.

    • ceaselessly
      • Level 6
      • Designer
      1yr ago

      Thanks for playing! Adding a kinetic element to the coin flipping is a really cool idea, and one I'll definitely stow away for future silly ideas like this one. :)

  • Chris

    The character art was great, well done!

  • Bokonon

    The art was really well done and I loved the punch out! esque set up. I just felt like all I could do was choose heads or tails which was all based on luck (i don't know what I expected lol)



  • SpritePainter

    You art was great, and it really looks like you've put a lot of work into it. I just wish I had more to do in the game. It felt like there was very little I could do to influence the game, even with the addition of abilities. It's understandable as the game is about winning a coin toss, but I would have liked for there to be more to do.