• rich♤rdos
  • 6 months ago
  • 51st

Game has 10 levels. In each level, you have several weights available. You can put them on any part of a scale. Use every weight to balance all scales.

Each scale has its own load (the biggest possible difference between left part and right part that can handle). If you put more weight, the scale will break.

Controls: mouse (pick and release the weight by clicking left mouse button)

The game is quite difficult, but all levels are solvable.

Known bugs:

  • possible memory leak error after failing too many times
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  • Fachewachewa

    That breaking sound honestly made me jump a few times ahah. That's an interesting game, took me a while to understand how to beat level 4 😅 And I feel like level 10 was way easier than 8 and 9. But overall the difficulty curve felt pretty good.

  • Tero Hannula

    Just played the game, and I liked the gameplay idea. Now game itself was pretty simple looking and maybe some animations could have been made, but it worked anyway. Now I think you draw balances with coordinates, if you have second set of each coordinate as 'draw' coordinate, which lerps to actual coordinate like "draw_x1 = lerp( draw_x1, x1, .1)", which I think would have been easy add.

    The breaking sound of balance was too loud and I got jumped couple of time because of it ^^"

    Here is gameplay

    • Richard Richard
      Level 5

      Thanks for feedback and gameplay. I did not know about lerp function, I will certainly use it next time (I drew the scale using coordinates recursively).

  • Riuku
    Riuku Riuku Level 9

    Such a simple idea and it works very well! It was really satisfying beating each level and finally finishing the last level. I think I was at 20-something minutes.

    The game is based on counting exact integers against each other but right now the only way to read the balance of a scale is to a) instinctively see it from the angle of the scale and/or b) count the weights on each side. The balance number is not hidden information and is key information for the player so I think it would be a good idea to have it displayed explicitly.

    Animating the scales would help with the intuitive side of the balancing act. The scales animating to their positions would not only be satisfying and juicy but also could probably help the player understand the weight of their actions, especially in the case of a bad move that results in a loss. Though the animation should be done carefully so that it doesn't make it look like it's a physics engine based balancing act, but instead it's a game about exact numbers.

    Two more minor things: The crash sound was way louder than the other sound(s?) and was unnecessarily startling. I would've liked a reset button, because right now the only way to reset is to lose (I think?).

    It's awesome in its simplicity. Even if it's not super polished in its current state, the core game works so well that it's fun as it is.

    • Richard Richard
      Level 5

      Thanks so much for feedback :)

      I think everyone can count which number of total weight has to be on each side.

      I did not have enough time for animations, but it would help the game a lot.

      I will make breaking sounds less loud next time.

      Reset button is a good idea.

  • SpritePainter
    SpritePainter SpritePainter Level 12

    I appreciate how the game starts out very easy to introduce concepts, then ramps up to being very difficult. A bit of love on the art could go a long way on this. Some animations and a bit of juice would be real nice.

    • Richard Richard
      Level 5

      I agree that there should be more art and some animations. Thanks for feedback.

  • baku
    baku baku Level 50 Patron

    This was quite fun until the game suddenly froze on level 8. I had the game fullscreened, and it became impossible to close. Alt+F4 did nothing, Pressing Win opened the start menu but as soon as I tried to open anything else (like Task Manager) it just went back to your frozen game. Had to restart my PC. Big yikes. Probably related to the memory leak issue Sam mentioned. For obvious resons I could not check the memory usage after it froze though...

    Aside from that, I enjoyed it LOL

    • Richard Richard
      Level 5

      Thanks for playing. I am sorry for the game crash.


    Wow, this is a really good puzzle game. I don't know whether it's because of careful level design or just the core idea automatically making every level just enough challenging.

    Even though there isn't much art, sound or story. I enjoyed playing this little game.

  • Sam Piper
    Sam Piper Sam Piper Level 2

    There is a memory leak somewhere, I was able to get an Out of Memory crash after failing too many times.

    Looks like it happened on the same frame as it reset the level.

    Maybe not cleaning up scale datastructures?

    • Richard Richard
      Level 5

      Uff, I am not happy to hear that. Thanks for the report. The memory leak is a possibility since I use multiple global arrays.

      Can you give more info? In which level did error occur? How many times did you fail (approximately)?

      (I tried to fail over 100 times and got no error)

      Edit: there may be another explanation, I was creating particles (smoke effect) but forgot to destroy them.

      • Sam Piper Sam Piper
        Level 2

        hmm, I can't remember which # level, but it was the one where you have a 7, 6, and a bunch of 1s and such.

        Memory leaks suck, GM:S 2 has quite a nice memory usage tool in the debugger that I use. Never used the GM:S1 debugger so idk if it has the same functionality.

        Game is pretty neat besides that though, a cool concept once it gets rolling and you have multiple scales on scales

        • Richard Richard
          Level 5

          Ok, thanks for feedback and error report. GM:S1 debugger doesn´t help much, there seems to be no memory tool available.

  • Zen00
    Zen00 Zen00 Level 10

    Might be better to have the level auto-reset 1 second after breaking the scales rather than requiring a click

    • Richard Richard
      Level 5

      The click is required because player might check why the scale broke (and maybe think of a better strategy).

  • PizzaBandit

    The scale breaking was rage inducing but I know that's part of the mechanics of the game. It's a solid game and I appreciate the small details like the weights stacking on top of eachother when they're dropped and things like that.