Keep Killing

Keep Killing

  • Team golden Games
  • 8 months ago
  • 19th

Keep Killing!

The city is under attack by the insect civilization. Four brave heroes take the call to protect it. But little do they know that the insects got the ability to travel back in time; allowing them to replicate themselves indefinetly.


  • Take turns attacking and defending the city. In the bug phase, you have to get to the city without reaching the time limit or getting hit by the defender.
  • Eveything you do gets recorded, and played back in the next phase where you switch to playing as the defender; defending the city from all the copies of your past selves. Your movement as the defender also gets recorded, but the defender doesn't get multiplied.
  • Then, the loop restarts. As the game progress, the defender has to face a larger and larger number of insects. The goal is to survive as many rounds as possible without loosing all your three lives.


  • W, A, S, D - Move
  • Left click - Shoot
  • Escape - Exit Round
  • ctrl + R - Restart Game
  • F4 - Toggle Fullscreen

Known Bugs!

  • Shooting an enemy as the fifth and final character "Charles" will crash the game.

  • The game features a bunch of bugs (and spiders)


  • Don't play the defender too aggressively. - Shooting as few times as possible will make it easier to get through as the insect. -Unlock more characters. - Click on a character in the character selection menu to see how to get it. After getting a character, you can press escape to end the round.
  • Find an exploit. - I have no idea how you could do that, but I'm sure there exists some way to break the game.

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  • baku
    baku baku Level 52 Patron

    Cool concept (although slightly less after having already played Karmasutra which did a similar thing, but I guess I can't fault you for having randomly played the other game with the same idea first lol)

    I like that you have different characters with different abilities and fun ways to unlock them!

  • Tero Hannula

    I played your game in stream, here is gameplay:

    This has same kind of idea like in Karmasutra, but different approach and I like that the objective for both sides is not to kill each other, but humans tries prevent bugs to get other side. Also good that there is timer, as otherwise you could wait out indefinetly and play boringly :v

  • Megan
    Megan Megan Level 9

    Cool game, it fits the Two Sides theme well and the balance is nice. I like the different weapons - maybe the game could be clearer about when each was unlocked. Your logo looks really good! Unfortunately I encountered a few bugs. The bottom of the game was cut off on my screen (2560x1440); when the bug goes off-screen on the top left, the round restarts; and when I alt-tabbed out of the game to look at Discord, I got lots of errors (drawing errors? Don't remember) and had to abort the process.

  • Naxos
    Naxos Naxos Level 7

    This became a real mind bender. I'm convinced a pattern exists that will allow you to continue indefinitely, but I haven't quite figured it out yet XD I had a lot of fun trying though.

    I did experience a crash that was not noted in your description. It was during a switch from human/bug or vice versa.

    It was a little bit unclear that most characters were locked in the menu. A small 'lock' icon and/or the characters being grayed out would've helped there.

    The ninja guy was difficult to control, but maybe that was the idea! Props for getting 5 different characters / attack methods in a jam game though.

    I didn't test it properly, but it seemed like there was no penalty for not reaching the building before the timer ran out (as a bug)?

    One of the few jam games I might pick up again -- I want to figure out that endless strat!

    PS. I uploaded a video of my playthrough

      Level 32

      Phenomenal feedback! Thank you. I watched some parts of your playthrough sped up. It‘s very interesting to see how different people approach the game.

      The bug is noted. I have no idea why it happens though.

      Thank you again. I wish the best of luck to Debate Club!

  • Heather
    Heather Heather Level 10

    Fun concept! I like your implementation of this idea. I think it explores some ways to make it more replayable. I like the extra characters and the timer is a nice way of keeping the cheesing down. Can't just wait for the wave to be over as you are now on a timer. That being said, I think the timer could stand to be a little more punishing as I tended to move onto the next character before the time ever became a problem. The effect being that I'd have to play quite awhile before the waves became a hectic problem. It'd have been nice if the gameplay pushed you to the limits for each character rather than an easy slow progression. Still, I think you di da nice job exploring the concept and making it fun! I also felt it was good that rounds were your goal. So the player had incentive to try their hardest regardless of the side they were on. It also introduced strategy as you wanted to reach your objective but also make sure your next playthrough will not have difficulty dealing with your strats. nice job!

  • Zen00
    Zen00 Zen00 Level 12

    Recording and playing back your characters battle for each other. Not a complete fan as you can easily cheese it.

      Level 32

      Oh, you found a systematic strategy? I'm interested. Could you describe how you did (or what you believe is possible)

      • Zen00 Zen00
        Level 12

        You just basically park yourself in the same place, wait for the previous playback to stop moving, then shoot/move. Kind of the same think as Karmasutra.

  • SpritePainter
    SpritePainter SpritePainter Level 14

    This is a ver interesting concept. I would have liked to have a more clearly defined goal. It seemed like there were colflicting goals depending on whether you wrer a fighter or bug, and I'm not sure how well they worked together.

      Level 32

      There are two goals: You may try to unlock all the characters (See their requirements by clicking on their character in the character selection menu). When you have unlocked all the characters, you can try to get the best highscore you can. Your highscore is determined by how many rounds you've survived.

      In the narrative, the bugs and the defender are working against each other. But in reality, you are working together. The defender has to be careful not to play too violently, since that will make it harder for the bugs. And vice versa.

  • Richard
    Richard Richard Level 5

    Great idea, I really enjoyed this bug massacre to the very end. Good art, sounds, level design and mostly AI. It´s incredible that this was done in 48 hours. Hats off.

    AI behaviour is very advanced. In bug phase the AI killer has multiple strategies, which makes the game exciting and difficult.

    Some bugs (except the insect itself and Charles shooting):

    1) I am sure I suceed in Archer mission in bug phase (so the AI shooted three bugs with one arrow and not me).

    2) I think human phase is still kinda easy since insects come right into your way. Maybe inability to touch them (otherwise they kill me) would make it more challenging.

  • PizzaBandit

    Cool concept, great roster of unique characters to unlock. I thought the gameplay was challenging (sort of playing against myself). I tried to come up with a way to break the gameplay but it's pretty solid and comes down to really remembering what attacks were made during the human side as to be able to manuver through them on the insect side. Great job!

      Level 32

      With this many characters, and this amount of control given to the player, I'm sure there exists a way to systematically break the game. But all characters have quite uncontrollable abilities, so I would believe that strategy won't be that easy to pull off.

      Thank you for playing and leaving feedback!

  • The Great Gatsby

    really awesome game! I love the unlocking characters as it made the game have a definitive goal, and I love both the bug and human phases, as they are very well executed. well done!

  • Sam Piper
    Sam Piper Sam Piper Level 2

    Really really neat concept, kind of like building a puzzle for yourself.

    I was definitely confused at first though, but I understand not including a tutorial, I'm shocked you got a game this polished and nice within the 48 hours.

    I think this has potential. I would love to see multiplayer coop version of this, where you have to try to communicate with a partner which path and timing you took. So 2 players maybe attacking/defending opposite sides of the hotel? so one player plays bugs on left side and defender on right side, and the other player is the opposite?

    Overall really cool

      Level 32

      Oh, we totally forgot to make a tutorial. Seriously, I don’t think anyone in the team even mentioned that word throughout the whole 48 hours. I guess we were too busy adding characters.

      If we would continue with this, multiplayer may not be on the top of the to-do list. But it sure is an interesting idea.

      Thank you for leaving feedback!

  • Bokonon
    Bokonon Bokonon Level 5

    Interesting concept! I really like the use of past copies of myself

      Level 32

      Thank you! It took a while before we got an idea we liked.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Avatar Anonymous

    Fun concept. The pacing is a bit to slow, but the different characters were cool.

      Level 32

      We thought it was safer to keep the difficulty accessible. But we are aware that it might feel slow for some players. Thank you for the feedback.

      • faxdoc faxdoc
        Level 5

        I dont know if its a difficulty issue, its just that it takes a while to get going. I feel like it should be possible the keep the difficulty low while making the game escalate quicker.

  • Patrick
    Patrick Patrick Level 13

    Very cool! So far my favorite entry. The art, music, theme - all so good!


    loved the games it reminded me of that old atari duck shooting game but amazing

      Level 32

      You mean duckhunt? I don’t really see the similarities there, but I’m glad you liked it :D