• Tomato Tavern
  • 3 years ago
  • 8th

Play as brave Sir CRUNGUS as you navigate your way back down from a dreadful tower after having looted its riches! With the "power" of colorblindness, you must find your way through mazes and dark, cold labyrinths of times long past.


WASD - Movement (duh)

MOUSE - Shooting

SPACE - Switch color mode

...Stay after the credits for a little secret!

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  • Kwis
    Kwis Kwis Level 58

    Loved the music and innovation on the mechanics! Not a huge fan of the graphics but everything works well :) I Like how enemies have a specific weakness but sometimes it is a but too tedious to switch weapons to attack them, especially since they move very fast and waits for you to be in range, then stick to you, making it... weird. Although it did not make the game harder since I was able to beat it without dying. Pretty cool entry!

  • Problematicar
    Problematicar Problematicar Level 36

    This game shows really well that a basic idea like swapping between three elements can still be innovative with some good level design and a good correlation to the theme.

    The pixelart was absolutely awesome, I'm a big fan of Elko. The sound was also pretty catchy.

    Gameplay was interesting, sometimes really fun, sometimes kinda annoying, but I can't prevent invisible walls from being at least a little annoying, in any game ever.

  • Dylan Smith
    Dylan Smith Dylan Smith Level 8

    I appreciated the use of the main mechanic a lot during combat and puzzles, not so much for general movement around the game space.

    Especially when things got dark and I had to use a specific attack to find my way around, I felt like I was taking a lot of unfair hits when I couldn't figure out which ability to switch to at the onset of an engagement. Theme also didn't seem like quite a great fit with your project.

    In my experience, it is almost always best to wait until the theme is announced to start real work on your project. I try to draw up a schedule and a general to-do list, but I leave most of the brainstorming until the jam actually starts (but that may just be me)

    Overall a solid project, though I'm not sure it was the right fit this time around.

  • Veralos
    Veralos Veralos Level 33

    This kind of feels like an idea you had for the Handicap Hero theme, but decided to make work with Descend. Anyway...

    The main mechanic seems interesting in concept but in practice it's kind of annoying having to switch constantly to tell where to go. However, I do enjoy that new mechanics are gradually introduced and it's interesting how the colours double as elemental attacks. The sounds are nice, especially the opening narration. The graphics are quite good and the title screen image is just fantastic.

    • jack jack
      Level 16

      You're actually correct about the Handicap Hero thing. I had this idea and made a design document for it about a day before the jam started because it seemed like either Descend or Handicap Hero would win, and with Descend being a fairly easy theme to work around, I decided to roll with the whole colorblindness concept despite the theme being Descend. Thanks for the feedback!

  • Vinnie_V

    I'm loving the sound effects and the bit-crunched voices. There's a lot of good level design here that did a good job of teaching new mechanics organically as they became relevant (dark room has red blocks first, so you'll probably learn your fire attack casts light, etc.). The enemies seemed a tad too punishing, with them only being visible initially when you have the weapon selected that can't hurt them, coupled with how fast they are.

    i <3 the crung

  • Gbushprogs
    Gbushprogs Gbushprogs Level 3

    The graphics look clean, the ability to change the weapon in use is nice. The concept is really cool.

    I didn't like the invisible walls. I don't know if the game glitched and though I was on a level I wasn't on, but I thought I understood the concept from the first room. I thought cycling the colors changed the walls in the room and I could tell what walls were up based on the color blocks, but that's wrong. The invisible walls killed it for me. Made the game infuriating.

    It was good to see music and sound effects. The music feels very repetitive, however.

    • jack jack
      Level 16

      Changing the colors around changes what walls you're able to view rather than what walls are currently active. Sorry for any confusion.

  • blueokapi12
    blueokapi12 blueokapi12 Level 1

    bumping this comments section almost as much as I bumped into your invisible blocks in the game