Treasure Trap

Treasure Trap

  • Truitt Berry
  • 3 years ago
  • 38th


Move your character up, down, left and right(just don't go to far up, that ceiling is coming down quickly) and collect treasure while avoiding spikes and arrows.

I uploaded this originally as a Windows Installer package, I have corrected this, sorry. Thanks, just unzip and click to play.


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  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Avatar Anonymous

    Basic but decent little game. The controls being sticky when moving quickly between left and right was a bit annoying. The music from level one continues on and stacks on the level two music. The arrow traps could be improved with a sprite showing where they are coming from as well as a fixed fire rate. Having it fire once the last arrow is gone makes some parts impossible to pass.
    Happy to hear you two had fun in your first jam. They only get better!

  • Fachewachewa

    Ahhhh that music loop is too short !!!! :D

    I'll add another little annoyance: you have to use your mouse to start the game, then switch your hand to the arrow keys to play.

    I almost didn't played it because of the install (when creating an app, you can change the extension, there you can choose a single executable) but the game seemed fun, so good description / summary :)

    The first arrow trap is a little too hard. Also find a problem where the inputs lock themselves if you presse multiple thing a the same time (like if you switch fast beetween left and right).

    Apart from those things, the game is quite good. There's diversity in collectables and trap, so that definitely a plus for a short jam like that. I liked the artstyle too. Good job !

    • Daily Alien Games Daily Alien Games
      Level 3

      Yeah I was running out of time when I got to the music so I created a quick little chip tune loop using some online program I had never used before, it is quite annoying I do agree. Thanks for playing my little game though. I had such a great time making this and did it all with drag and drop just to see if I could. Great fun and thanks again.

  • Problematicar
    Problematicar Problematicar Level 36

    This game was fun, really, but it was so full of little annoying things that at one point they overcome the fun and I just stopped playing.

    The biggest problem is that you made your game an installer, never ever do that in a jam. The music was way too short to be put on repeat for the whole game. The arrow spawners being invisible are a little unfair, but I guess that's more annoying than game breaking. The game not restarting itself was quite annoying aswell. Also, never put the hardest part of the game at the beginning.

    But even with all that your game was still fun enough to keep me playing for quite some time, so great job overall, just keep an eye out for the little things.

    • Daily Alien Games Daily Alien Games
      Level 3

      I didn't want to make it an installer but with the HTML5 not working I wasn't sure quite what to do. Thanks for the feedback. My 10 year old and I are going to fix and finish the game after the Jam is over.

  • Veralos
    Veralos Veralos Level 33

    I made it to the second area, but I'm not really clear on the objective. Am I just supposed to go for a high score, or is there an end to reach? Regardless, the graphics are quite nice. The music can get a bit annoying though. Also, it seems unnecessary having to press R to restart - the game should just restart automatically when you die.

    • Daily Alien Games Daily Alien Games
      Level 3

      Yeah it was originally going to have 5 levels and just have a high score table. Due to conflict with my job I had to quit with about 12 hours remaining and so it was a bit unfinished(was going to take out the R to restart, it was going to have a game over screen with your score as well as the top 10 high score, just ran out of time). Thanks for playing.


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