A great Tetris Adventure !

Mind bending challenges !

7 levels !

Lots of Line Pieces !

An Epic Ending !

Controls :

Use the Arrow Keys to move, Spacebar to Rotate and "R" to restart a level.

You can play the web version on itch.io: https://fachewachewa.itch.io/tescend

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  • LD Smith
    Lv. 9

    Nice fresh take on Tetris. I liked how you could keep going downwards through the bottom of the level. It was a little jarring after making a line and it moves back up. Maybe add some different colors for the blocks.

  • Kwis
    Lv. 67

    I join proble review, a very innovative idea but unfortunately, the gameplay itself is verrryyy frustrating. At some point when you have troubles making a line you regret that the game is so RNG... Too bad cause the idea is really nice! I didn't expect it. :) Another thing that would help is to better be able to see down cause when you gotta move through 3 levels in one to go down you wish you could see further to better predict your moves.

    Also, seeing how Highsight missed the point of the game, I suggest to give some clue on how to beat the first level as, like in my game, it can be difficult to progress without knowing what you are expected to do!

    • Fachewachewa

      Yeah the view is something I though about but couldn't find a solution that I liked. Same for the clues, I made an arrow pointing down (kinda... ok it doesn't look like an arrow but well...) but I really wanted to keep the little surprise, even if that meant some people would miss it.

      I'm sure there's a way to do both, but yeah, time.

  • Scott Richards
    Lv. 21

    I saw Hindsight play it on his stream and it made a lot more sense to me. I decided to revisit it and was able to make it to the -1 level. Really cool idea, Nice Job!

  • SpaceMyFriend
    Lv. 15

    Ok this took me a bit to figure out what was going on. I was really annoyed with getting the same piece over and over and i was like " this is the worst tetris clone ever" haha! But then i figured it out and wooo! Very cool! I really hope you expand and polish this up in the future cause its a great idea!

  • Problematicar
    Lv. 37

    I'm finishing every game 100% before rating it... and this... this was exhausting

    Ok before getting to the bad stuff, I'm gonna say that I gave you a 10 both in innovation and theme, because taking a concept as simple as tetris and adapting it so well to the theme is something incredible.

    But everything, and I mean everything, that you could do wrong with this incredible idea, you did wrong.

    The game is way too RNG based, and that combined with some less than good level design makes for some really frustrating levels, The best way to explain this is by saying that the last level was way more fun than all the other ones combined.

    Also there shouldn't be two Z pieces, one should be able to rotate enough to be both, and that would've made the game a lot less frustrating. Also the audio gets really annoying really quickly.

    I spent way too much time playing this game, but the ending was so cool that I think it was actually worth it.

    I still really liked the game, if you couldn't tell.

    Path Y

    Path Y

    • Fachewachewa

      Thanks ! I really appreciate the feedback, and I'm glad you liked it even with those problems. The RNG can make the game really painful to play indeed. What you say is completly valid and there's definitely some other improvement that I would have made if I had the time.

      I didn't think about te ability to flip pieces though and it's a simple fix that would have worked well.

  • Veralos
    Lv. 38

    Very interesting twist on Tetris. Unfortunately, I'm not very good at it. I only made it it to level -3. I'm not a fan of how the pieces are randomised because it means a level can become much easier or harder based on luck. I know that's what the original game does but it doesn't fit that well here.

    Other than that, the graphics are decent but the music gets grating really quickly.

    • Fachewachewa

      Yep, I totally agree with you about the randomization. As I said in another response, finding a way to make interesting level with radomized pieces (if I'm even capable of this :D) would have taken way too much time for the jam. I'm glad I tried this but that's not an idea I would expand upon.

  • King of Bananas
    Lv. 1

    Really love this idea, hope you expand on it. As soon as I hit the bottom and it kept going I was like aw yeah!

    Adding the rest of the pieces and being able to quick drop would be nice.

    • Fachewachewa

      Thanks :) Not sure i'm going to push it further though, it feels a little too random. When I was playtesting it I was like "no wonder nobody made this before this is the worst idea" :D Making interesting levels for this with the random pieces & all would need wayyyy too much work for me :)

  • Joe Miller
    Lv. 21

    I really liked the twist :) It took me a few pieces to figure out what to do, but I enjoyed the concept once I got in to it. Good job.

  • Mcwequiesk
    Lv. 10

    Really fun concept! It took me a minute to figure out but once I did, it was really cool. A little explanation might have helped, though.



  • misterslapdash
    Lv. 5

    That was a neat twist. My only complaint is not being able to hold left/right to continuously move a line piece over. Good work!

    • Fachewachewa

      Thanks :) Yeah I wasn't sure about de left/right thing, didn't have time to test the timing on that so I left it as one move at a time, but that's something that bugged me as well.

  • yokcos
    Lv. 7

    So the first time I played this it looked kind of boring "oh it's tetris but with the same shape over and over and also there's some blocks there already?" However I played it a second time to make sure I didn't miss anything and as it turned out I missed 90% of the game. Hoo boy the moment when you realise the game is way bigger than you had expected is supergreat. Really very rad twist on Tetris it's wonderful.

    • Fachewachewa

      Hah thanks ! :D I definitely thought about the fact that some people will miss a big part of the game, but I didn't want to "spoil" it. It seems the surprise was worth it, I'm glad you liked it :)

  • Batesville757
    Lv. 1

    enjoyed the tetris influence with objectes.

    wouldve loved various shapes.

    all in all, great concept.