Cave Invasion

  • Shooter
  • FlyingDeathToaster
  • 4 months ago
  • 43rd

Controls: Left and right arrow keys to move. Space Bar to shoot.

Objective: Try and score as many points as possible by destroying enemy ships! The green and red ships both take 1 hit to destroy, the Worm takes to hits and the bigger white ship takes 3 hits to destroy.

Power Ups: The fireball is a one hit to all enemies. The multi-shot fires 5 lasers instead of 2. The Shield blocks on shot from an enemy but does not protect against running into ships or the worm.

After you reach the score of 2000 enemies will spawn more frequently.

-Fixed shield not working properly...

Coding done by Jonothan and art done by Allu

alt text

alt text

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Hey good job! I had fun with this as i really like shmups/bullet hells! (thats the type of game i made for the jam) Although this was a bit lacking on the bullet hell side of things, but it had a nice amount of difficulty. The upgrades were fun and the enemy variations were sweet! Good job!

Usually the jam entries have good gameplay with kinda bad assets.

This one is the exact opposite though, art and sounds are awesome, but the gameplay is underwhelming and monotonous, even though I liked the upgrade system a lot, and you have quite a bit of content and variation, it's still not enough to break the monotony of moving and shooting, since there are no bullet patterns or anything to make it a bullet hell it's kinda just a "Shoot down, avoid the bullets that come up".

Bad idea, good execution, it's pretty rare :)

Pretty cool game. The graphics and sound are decent, plus it's fun shooting stuff. I really like all the power-ups, especially how they can stack. I feel like you should get multiple lives, though. Currently you can die super quickly.

My best score was 5500

Nice game but it's really hard ! You mention shooting 3 lasers but there's only 2 ? Also I'm not sure the shield really works. And last thing: it seems like the bonuses cancel themselves if you pick up both ? I had the fire and picked up the multishot, I lost the fire and had the blue bars on the left, but shot only 2 lasers, not 5.

Sorry for the list, I still liked it :D

The music is really nice! Something that I missed, the capability to place myself vertically on the map! Your entry is well executed though! :) Thing you could've doen is changing a bit the background every 1000 or-so points! Free feature! :)

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