Ruins Of GM48

Ruins Of GM48

  • Morgan
  • 3 years ago
  • 40th


Ruins Of GM48

Hello there, and thanks for coming! Hope you'll enjoy the game!

About the game!

The player must explore a dungeon that delves deep within the surface. Will he survive all the trials that arise before him?


  • There's an Achievement system!

  • Quick tip, "This" is not fluffy... I tried.


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  • Rohbert
    Rohbert Rohbert Level 13

    Is there a reason why the controls are reversed? Is that part of the challenge? It should have been made obvious at the start or something that the controls are reversed. While I could not get very far in the game because of the controls, I did appreciate the clever puzzle designs.

    • Morgan Morgan
      Level 4

      Keys aren't reversed, probably a misunderstanding of the tutorial, sorry for that!

  • WangleLine 🌸

    Nice puzzles, but i had to restart the level way too often. The character could need some animations!

  • Scott Richards
    Scott Richards Scott Richards Level 20

    This had really nice puzzles. It took me a while to figure some of them out, but the design was very compelling and had me sticking it out to completion. Nice work!

  • Problematicar
    Problematicar Problematicar Level 36

    It's such a shame that there's no music at all in this game, because I had to rate everything pretty high and then give a one on sound.

    But other than that, I loved the idea of the turn based puzzle that isn't completely turn based, there was also some pretty great level design involved, and quite a lot of variety too, both in levels and enemies.

    The art was kinda average though, and I'm not sure the achievements work, since I got two and it still shows none.

    But everything considered, still a great game, get yourself an artist and some music and you'll have the best game in the whole jam :P

    • Morgan Morgan
      Level 4

      Haha thanks for the kind review! It's weird that the achievment system doesn't work, it does in my computer, hadn't had any mean to test it elsewhere, maybe it needs to be unzipped..? But anyway, yeah my priority were clearly on the game design, I really need to spend some more time learning "art", be it graphical or musical!

  • baku
    baku baku Level 40 Patron

    You should really let people fullscreen or change the size of the window when making such tiny games. It was near impossible to see anything on a 4K display :/

    Edit: Nope, Alt+Enter does nothing. BTW, after changing screen resolution and playing the game a bit, it's pretty neat! Interesting take on the stuff-moves-when-you-move mechanic.

    • Morgan Morgan
      Level 4

      Aw totally didn't think about that! Alt-enter doesn't fullscreen?

  • Veralos
    Veralos Veralos Level 33

    Great game. The sort of turn-based gameplay makes for some interesting puzzles. There's a really good variety of mechanics and levels for such a short time. The graphics all look quite good (thought the player character could use some more animation). However, some sound effects would be nice.

    • Morgan Morgan
      Level 4

      Thanks for the feedback! Hopefully I can pull some nice sounds for the next gm48! I'm terrible at it :p

  • Drayer34
    Drayer34 Drayer34 Level 1

    It will ruin your grade but you must try this game. It's nice, achievements are cool and there is a a secret hat. All that I love in video games. Now i have to study...

  • Tero Hannula

    Pretty simple pixel art, good level design, there were no music or sound effects? I did not try collect achievements and got grade D. When there was choice from easy or hard door, I assumed you could go back :/ Several times I accidently hold keys too long and moved too far and got killed, expecially when I got impatient with big fire monster.

    • Morgan Morgan
      Level 4

      The hard door is just the hat, you come back to the main exploration right after you retrieved it. The key holding issue is one i should address definitely. Maybe having a little halt time after each move should do?

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Avatar Anonymous

    Some neat level and enemy design! The different colorful environments and the introduction of new puzzle elements mixed with old gave the game a great pace. I'd like to see more of this game, perhaps with a few songs and sound effects? :)

    I couldn't tell if achievements are working or not. I assume I would have gotten one for completing the game with the gm48 hat.

    • Morgan Morgan
      Level 4

      Yes, this achievment exists, if you launch back the game, you don't have it? Another pretty simple to have is to instantly die at floor 7, there's spikes at the very entrance, at the very moment you spawn go into them, this unlocks the "Impatient" one

  • Batesville757

    I kept running into a bug in the the 5th(?) room where a collision would keep restarting the room.

    also, the controls are a bit bugged on my end. they worked at one point but after that they swapped

    ex: left arrow and right arrow were up and down

    ill try again to get past the bug because some of the screens look cool and I would like to see how much more went into this

    • Morgan Morgan
      Level 4

      Is there a bug in the tutorial? Try the following : when the instruction is drawn (like Go up!) press two time the key, the first time will drop the text, and the secodn will register the key. Maybe i should have been a bit more clearer about that

  • topherlicious

    This was a lot of fun! It reminded me very much of the Chip's Challenge type of games which I adore. I really appreciated all of the new twists you put on some classic puzzles, and loved how connected movement was to solving levels.

  • GameSubrub
    GameSubrub GameSubrub Level 2

    I had a lot of fun! It got pretty aggravating (im not the best at puzzles) but it was still real fun and gave a good sense of accomplishment!

  • Grace
    Grace Grace Level 16

    I really like the part with the fire lines that warn you of the attack. Its a pretty common trope in action games like platformers, but when applied to a puzzle game it makes a suprisingly fresh twist to a genre that can sometimes feel stale.


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