• Action
  • gartman222
  • 2 years ago
  • 25th


Press Z to jump

Press X to attack.

Descend through the castle while fighting enemies to survive the castle!


-Jammin Tunes

-Slick Animation

-Tight Controls

-At Least ONE Castle

Alt text

alt text


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  • Vojaz
    Vojaz Vojaz 5
    2 years ago

    Game was overal good (love the end boss), but leveldesign/enemy placement needs more care.

  • Secret Cat
    Secret Cat Secret Cat 2
    2 years ago

    I really like the fighting system for this, it felt nice. I felt it was a little bit strange that there was no difference between holes that would kill you and where you were meant to go at the end of a level, maybe an arrow or something would have made that a bit clearer. But overall really nice job

  • Kwisarts
    Kwisarts Kwisarts 41
    2 years ago

    Nice music, sounds and fighting system! Several (small) things I had troubles with though:

    • Feels weird to be hit by the enemy are they are not actually punching you (while you need to punch them to damage them)
    • The parallax scrolling is backward
    • enemy should not be placed below you as they are in advantage But I'm nitpicking!
    • Grace Grace
      Grace 15 Musician

      I've previously commented on these criticisms, but thank you for bringing them to my attention anyway. I agree that the enemies have bad spawns sometimes. If i ever make this into a full game, there would be a set rule that doesn't let them walk that close to walls or possibly just avoid spawns that create that scenario to begin with.

      Thank you for your response!

  • Rohbert
    Rohbert Rohbert 11
    2 years ago

    That was some serious fun. The game feel was spot on. Kicking and punching enemies felt so good. Some platforming added in sweetens the deal. Music and fx, all good. Great job man. I want to play more.

    • Grace Grace
      Grace 15 Musician

      Full version of Castle, coming out 2217!

      Seriously though, thank you for the compliments, and I do plan on releasing a real game in future.

  • Problematicar
    Problematicar Problematicar 31
    2 years ago

    If there are two things this game does right they're balance and polish.

    Seriously, the combat system, the enemies, even a little bit of the level design make this one of the most balanced games I've played in this jam, and most of the actions you do trigger some pretty good looking visual and audio feedback, in two words: balanced and polished.

    I find it really surprising that you even had time to make two enemies and a boss, even if that meant overlooking some minor stuff like the game keeping you in the boss room with nothing to do after the end of the game.

    Oh and you werent kidding when you said this game had jammin tunes and slick animations, You did good on that front too.

    Overall a really solid entry, I still can't get over how fine-tuned everything was, great job.

    • Grace Grace
      Grace 15 Musician

      I pride myself on game feel over literally everything else, so I'm glad that you feel that way. As far as I'm concerned, its the thing that every game should have been focused on.

      I actually just finished the boss at about 4 hours left and at that point i was burned out pretty badly.

  • Veralos
    Veralos Veralos 26
    2 years ago

    Pretty fun game. The animation is really fluid despite the simple stick figures, and the sound effects and flashes really add impact to the combat. The music is cool, though it would be nice to have some different tracks (e.g. for the boss).

    Checkpoints would be nice, though. Also, the parallax effect looks kind of awkward when the view isn't moving (as Tero Hannula mentioned).

  • Tero Hannula
    Tero Hannula Tero Hannula 19
    2 years ago

    The attack combination looked great, but got boring after a while, as enemies did not try attack. Too bad. Only touching them (when own character was not attacking) caused a hit, which annoyed me. Especially when enemies were placed in that manner, that needed crouch attack (which would have been nice) or jumping over. These caused unnecessary hits and losing health, jump attack was not helping :/ The parallel background should be fixed to the view_x, not player x position, so it would not look odd while view is not moving. And on boss battle I died immediatly, because previous 'unfair' enemy placement/hits I had only one health. The game should not be restarted, but the level, so it would not frustrate the player. Oh, in boss battle, the background was moving sideways, it should not be? Animations were pretty fluid. The music was the best part of it, you made it?

    • Grace Grace
      Grace 15 Musician

      In order to your criticisms

      -I didn't even consider a crouch attack, you're right though that would have been good for those enemies that are one tile down, next time i make a action platformer i'll definitely put one in.

      -I agree that the enemy placement was super bad. I hope someone writes a book on level design because i don't really intuitively understand it.

      -I'll keep the x_view thing in mind

      -It was supposed to be one big level, and you're transitioning down it, but i guess i didn't give enough health for it to be practical like that. Maybe I should have made a checkpoint for the boss, but I think that the checkpoint for the first level transition maybe would be too much.

      -I know brick walls don't move sideways but it looked incredibly boring without it and i didn't really have time to make a new and interesting background

      -I did in fact make the music, this game jam may or may not have been an excuse for me to advertise my composition services :^)

      -Thank you for your response!

  • Morgan
    Morgan Morgan 4
    2 years ago

    The battle system is awesome! Controls are fair, a double jump would have been nice IMHO, the only thing i grinned at was the jump-attack, sometimes a bit too short, especially in level 1 with the enemy right after the jump, took quite a few run to know where to hit! But the experience is nontheless very good!

    • Grace Grace
      Grace 15 Musician

      Thanks for the reply, I really appreciate it.


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