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"The legend tells that only he who conquers his own demons may truly rest in peace."

Descend into darkness and vanquish the physical reincarnations of the seven deadly sins!


  • Hand drawn characters and environments
  • 7 unique bosses
  • Sounds and Music


  • Movement WASD or Arrow Keys
  • Attack C, I, O, or P Letter Keys


  • Programmer Matt Santacroce
  • Illustrator Christopher Santacroce
  • Audio Engineer Braden Keith
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Joining proble's feedback on the gameplay. I really want to give you a thumbs up for the designs though. The lantern hp is really a nice touch and it feels well polished. It is disappointing that the fight itself is so basic as it was nice to see several bosses... but all the fights were about bashing the attack key until each boss dies... still though, nice design!

Really ambitious game, The artstyle was great and the sound was top notch aswell.

Gameplay was quite dull though, and most of the collisions were kinda meh, I can see that you tried to polish most stuff but it could use some extra polish in the animations and movement, I liked a lot the lantern healthbar, also the designs of the sins were sick. Oh and the starting enemy changing depending on what tombstone you break was a nice detail aswell.

All the bad parts about this game probably boil down to the overly simplistic combat system, in a game that should be centered around combat, and the fact that all the bosses are basically the same to fight against.

Still a really cool and ambitious game, you did good with the execution but the scope was way too big to make everything as good as it should've been.

Neat game. The art looks quite good, though some aspects (e.g. tombstones) clash with the rest. The lighting effect is cool and using it as a health indicator is a really nice touch. The music is also pretty good. The gameplay is a little lacking though: all the bosses are defeated way too easily and quickly. I do like the premise, but I don't think the gameplay fully captured it.

Love the music and the atmosphere. The art was a little unpolished but it's very easy to see past that. Was confused as to where my healthbar was at first, but quickly noticed the flame was dying, and then it clicked for me. Very cool idea! Beat the game on my second run :D

Found a couple of bugs: after dying once and respawning, the flame particles disappeared. Also you can continue to attack after dying/winning

First off, the music is terrific! And the bosses all look super cool! I don't know if the black and white character and bosses was a design choice or a "oh crap we only have 48 hours" choice, but it really works. It was pretty easy. I think i got hit a lot but i never died. But seriously really good job and really good use of theme!

I really liked the use of light to judge player's health, it felt very intuitive, simple and effective. The controls on keyboard were a little confusing to start (is keyboard + mouse the recommended method of play?). All the artwork for the bosses and player I felt were very good, simplistic, but they kept a good aesthetic. Once I defeated bosses and dropped down a few times it did get a little repetitive. Art and animation are what stick out to be as really good.

Nicely done!

The real strength of this is the atmosphere it creates. The music is beautiful and the art is incredible, I'd need a 48 hour jam just to draw one of those bosses! Sound effects were simple, but effective, and the theme was well explored.

I have a few criticisms though, as any good feedback does. 1) The gameplay feels quite repetitive by the time you reach the 5th or 6th boss, maybe adding in some different attack types would help. It's not too challenging once you figure out the mechanics of wall-jumping over the boss to attack from behind, but some kind of ranged attack (probably with a limit) would really improve the gameplay I think. 2) The absence of a player healthbar was frustrating, I died a few times because I just had no idea how little health I had left before I went in to attack. This is a shame really, because the boss's healthbars look/work great.

Overall, this is really well made, and I had a lot of fun playing it. Great music, great art, and interesting bosses.

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