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An incomplete game that still somehow made it into the top half.

What is this?

Unstable is (supposed to be) a game about a miner, whose job it is to mine Alkali and Alkaline metals from these weird caves. As you go deeper, different-- and subsequently more expensive-- metals can be found hidden within the rocks. Hidden under some rocks are stairs that will bring you deeper into the mine. Deeper and deeper you'll go, and more and more riches you'll strike...

At least, that was the plan. This is more of a proof of concept than anything. With this jam being held on Easter weekend and everything, I didn't have much time to work on it. This is what the game currently features:

  • Infinite randomly generated mines, each sporting different metals
  • 5 Alkali and 5 Alkaline metals to be mined!
    • (Francium and Radium are a little too dangerous to be mined)
  • A set of stairs hidden in each mine to bring you deeper.
    • (Or, just take the stairs that are supposed to bring you back up to the surface. Those bring you downwards too)
  • Cool textboxes! (Press CTRL in the game, you'll see)

...That's about it.

This is what I WANTED to include:

  • Limit lantern fuel! You'd have to go back up and refuel every 5 minutes or so.
  • Selling your metals to upgrade your equipment (mining speed, lantern life)
    • Also, being able to submit how much cash you have to an online leaderboard.
  • Treasure chests, with gems and rare metals!
  • A full tutorial! What I have now is dreadful!
  • Being able to have random conversations with other miners (NPCs) through a walkie talkie.
    • You can see where I tested with that if you press CTRL in the game.
  • As mentioned above; Leaderboards! For the following:
    • Total cash
    • Upgrades (lantern and pickaxe)
    • Most decended
    • Chests opened

I, uh... I had very high hopes.

If I ever update the game, you'll be able to find it here. Of course, you shouldn't review the updated version. That's not fair for the Jam!


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