Sandbox Dig!

Sandbox Dig!

  • Nightsjester
  • 2 years ago
  • 45th


A simple idle/clicker game where you dig into the depths of your childhood sandbox!

The controls are pretty straight forward, left click on the dirt to dig into the dirt blocks untill they are gone. Every cleared dirt block gives you $5 to use to buy upgrades (you sold the sand?).

You can also buy ants to help dig for you, while they start out slow they get very very fast eventually. Unfortunately I did not have time to implement a save feature so you cannot close the game without losing all progress.

warning: last second bug, you cant buy just 1 of something you need to buy 10 or 100 :(

This is the actual game as of the end of GM48 Screenshot

I have made a bug fixed version that you can download here but please do not use this version for rating.


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