Sacrifice - The Giving

Sacrifice - The Giving

  • PiXelBurner
  • 2 years ago
  • 24th


Point and click, inventory based dungeon game where you need to collect items that can be sacrificed to the Dungeon master, depending on his peculiar requests (he gets up to all sorts of satanic rituals) so expect some fun and weirdness at times.

I paid special attention to making the voice and music to create the atmosphere.

I made the graphics and game mechanic as simple as possible.

Press 'offer' to offer an item Press 'discard' to drop an item (not pickupable again) Exit Room if you don't want to pick up anything.


Offering something is better than nothing.. consider this as a 'sacrifice'. Offering something important that you need keeps the Dungeon Master of your back for a bit longer.

COLLECT: (numbers indicate the bag space used up)

Rope - 30

Hook - 25

Gunpowder - 10

Kindling - 8

Other items possibly needed by the Dungeon Master

Goat Head - 16

Ouija board - 12

Mask - 6

Smaller items are less than 5

Code, Art, Music, Voice, SFx and Design by Robert Ramsay

Thanks to Clara Pizza for support and Vally Guesthuysen for testing.


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Sacrifice, the giving based on the theme 'Sacrifice' was a daring attempt to make a game about being in a dark dungeon with only the voice of a keeper in your head. Looking back at the execution of the game, it did lack flow of build-up, it lacked story or how or why. If I were to remake this game it would be in a top-down style with the occasional, lights blown out, hear the dungeon keepers voice, then the flames come back to the torches, then you have a timer starts, as your heart beats faster and faster, it explodes in fear if you cannot do the objective in time.

Extra: Graphics Time required: 30 hours Coding Time required: 30 hours

Seeing as I spent about 30 hours of the possible 48 on this game, it would have required an extra 60 and then something else would have had to go unfinished or looking bad, being a one man team it is difficult to bite off more than you can chew.!

Result 24th